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White Hat SEO Techniques Versus Black Hat SEO Techniques


white hat seoIf you don’t want the search engine algorithms to penalize or ban your site from ranking Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs), then you should adapt quality “White Hat” SEO techniques. You should avoid the banning to happen because it will affect your Internet marketing campaign because it can take a long time to get a release from the ban especially from Google’s penalty box, to start ranking anew.

If “White Hat” SEO practices are relatively good SEO techniques, then we may say that “Black Hat” SEO techniques are those that adapts bad methods and practices.

Difference between “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO techniques are listed below:

  1. A “White Hat” SEO adapts “ Keyword Density” analysis on your site to know the safe percentage of keywords to utilize within your content while “Black Hat” SEO uses “Keyword Stuffing” which means a web page has too many of the keywords and keyword phrases found all over the site.
  2. An old “Black Hat” SEO is the “Hidden or Tiny Text” means that a web page has a keyword programmed to be the same color as the page’s background or making the keywords very small so visitors cannot see it. This practice can be noticed by search engine algorithms and spiders and will earn penalization in your SERP. On the other hand, “White Hat” SEO creates user-friendly and normal SEO content. You can also adapt SEO-friendly keywords in your content, which will enable search engines such as Google and Yahoo find and rank.
  3. A “White Hat” SEO creates a real webpage or website that truly offers the services and products that are indexed in its code. This may take quite some time, 3-6 months at the most, but is worthy nonetheless. “Black Hat” SEO adapts the “Cloaking” practice wherein search engines index a page for a certain type of content but when a visitor browses through it, the page entirely different.
  4. “Duplicate Web Sites” is a “Black Hat” SEO in which a web designer replicates the content on a top ranking site and makes some changes on a few elements but retains most of the content. This will not only cause banning your site from major search engines but will potentially earn you a lawsuit, since, this is “copyright infringement.” A “White Hat” SEO does not resort to this cheap trick. It advises users to hire a “White Hat” SEO company that has an in-house SEO copywriter who will write original SEO friendly content for your site.
  5. A “White Hat” SEO technique adapts an SEO analysis of your website and upgrades your search engine ranking by making it relevant on the Web. It is done by quality content that real clients look for and other websites want to link to. “Doorway Pages” is a “Black Hat” SEO where a page is keyword targeted solely to search engine spiders. However, when a visitor goes there, he will not be able to see the content, instead, it takes them to an entirely different page.

Your Business expertise doubled with a legitimate SEO Company is very valuable. Remember, there is no direct route to getting top rank when you are using legitimate SEO techniques. Using the shortcut to achieve top ranking is worth getting penalized and even a ban from major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If you don’t have any inkling of any SEO technique, find a reliable and efficient SEO Experts that has full knowledge of the ins and outs of online marketing and search engine rankings.