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What is SEO – In detail Search Engine Optimization


what is seo graphic

Search engine optimization mean optimize the content and Keywords of website in the search results. Example.. you every one search in Google . For example you  search in Google “What is SEO” in then What is SEO is the keyword and after search you seen the various result maximum as shown in Image below.

This mean that this keyword “What is SEO” is optimize for this results and this results are from the different – different  websites. this processor is called the search engine optimization. In simple words shown the visibility of the websites links or content in the search engines.

Why need SEO for Websites…?

In after understand the “What is SEO”  now know why need the SEO today only we use direct search engines like Google for search on any topic like. Because it give the opportunities to find the best result there is only few websites which we know by the name but we use daily 100 websites to search and we does not know the name of all websites it’s only possible by the SEO.

It’s mean that for any website traffic SEO is the main source of visitors. Yes its true 80% visitors come from the SEO by search engines like Google, Yahoo. SEO is the source to reach your website to your visitors and main source of your traffic.

Benefits of SEO

It’s show your website content or URL in the search engines which give large amount of visitors

More is the visitors more is the popularity or more is the online earning.

Give high CPC revenue by SEO visitors clicks on the Adsense  and  result more the earning .

Increase the value of your website.

Types of SEO

1) White Hat SEO

2) Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO = In This is SEO done by according to the policies of search engines. Means all the techniques use for search engines accordings or In favor of search engines policies. This is the best SEO and Long run SEO. If the keyword are optimize in the search engines then this is also called the Organic SEO.

Black Hat SEO = In This all the techniques use for the SEO against the Search engines policies. This are the bed techniques for SEO specially done by the new Blogger due to lack knowledge. Result  short term SEO and strongly punish by the Search Engines also spoil the whole website.

Parts of SEO

  • Content analysis
  • keyword research
  • page optimization
  • webmaster analysis
  • page optimization
  • sitemap analysis
  • optimize keywords
  • Internal linking
  • back links analysis
  • external linking
  • page layout
  • website Speed

Conclusion :

Before SEO you must know those techniques you are use these are in  favor or against because small mistake result in large amount of lose traffic. In this website you always got the White hat SEO tricks.

IN Last : I think now you know that What is SEO.  If you face any problem Please leave in Comment or share your experience, Don’t forget to share this post.