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Why Sudden Loose Impression in Google Webmaster Tool ?


For success of  blog visitors  come from Google is more important and for this it’s more important that maximize your impression in Google webmaster tool without any error. One day you see your well running blog suddenly loose 80% impression within 1 week and after some time Google stop crawling your website but you can’t find the reason that why Google punish you. So there is lot of reasons and mistake those you do daily during implement in your website.

google webmaster

let’s discuss this problems………….

Don’t use same Gmail account for webmaster and other Implements

Yes , it’s big mistake which almost done by all the blogger. You use same Gmail account for both Webmaster tools and other implements in your website specially for Link building activities. Google is very smart and track you always that’s why you punish badly.

So best method is save your  blog from Google eyes make fresh Gmail account and use it only for the Google webmaster and Google analytic and don’t use this Gmail account for any other purpose even also don’t use this for sending messages.

Make a another account for Implements or Link building activates but don’t use this Gmail account for any Google activities otherwise you track again by the Google and punish.

Check the broken Links

Check the broken Links in your webmaster  if have any broken link then fix it immediately this give adverse effect on webmaster and also your visitors because Google does not want the that there visitors are disappointed and for this Google punish your website.

For check the broken link open the Google webmaster account the go to crawl and see the error.

google webmaster link

Don’t make spam Links

This is one biggest thing that Google hate and never relief for this mistake. During make link check whether the website is spammy or Not ?

step for check the website is spammy or Not ?

  • First of all Blog doesn’t not fill with only the promotional post.
  • Check the Alexa ranking should be minimum then 3 Lack.
  • page rank should be 1 or more then, but this is not the important because lot of blogs which  is no spammy and no page rank.
  • If any website is less  Alexa ranking and more backlinks then it’s definitely spammed blog.

Save your website from Spam

With this you also check that your website is also not spammed by commenting on your website. Blog commenting is big reason of spam in your website so before approve the comment check properly comment is not spam.

Step for check the comment Spam or not ?

  • Don’t be use any link in the comment.
  • Use real name by the commenter not any keyword.
  • Use image by the commenter.
  • Length of comment should be more than the 2 lines.
  • Comment should be related to post.
  • Comment should not be like this only nice post …, nice said ,,,awesome only is should be long more than 2 Lines.

spam comment

Update your blog regular

Google like the regularly  update websites so you try to post the unique  content regular daily or alternate days.
Avoid post everything at instant time. It mean if you post 3 content in single day and next 3 days you don’t put anything rather than this, post single content each day.