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SEO vs SEM – For Ecommerce Businesses


sem vs seoSearch engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) both have a special place when it comes to internet marketing. The debate is if one is better than the other. By taking a closer look at each, it’s apparent that each has a place and offers definite benefits to those who choose to use them.

Search engine optimization uses keywords and phrases to direct traffic to websites and pages that contain those same words. When a person enters in a specific set of keywords, the search engine looks for webpages with the highest numbers of words, or combinations of words, and lists them accordingly. The more keywords and phrases they contain, the higher they appear in the rankings. A person can go through the list and choose the website that best meets their needs according to the keywords they used during the search.

Search engine marketing doesn’t rely on keywords. Instead it uses other search criteria to funnel traffic to specific pages. The pay-per-click method and methods where links are placed in articles and ads are common in this type of marketing tool. SEM is often more common in instances where websites are already used. The basic search has already been performed, but the individual continues to look for new pages by clicking existing links and banners.

SEO and SEM are both reliable and trusted ways of increasing web traffic. Each is beneficial to those who choose to implement them. SEO may be less beneficial for individuals who already have specific websites in mind and do not have to rely on a basic search. They are excellent choices, however, for those who are starting from the beginning and doing basic searches.

Websites who are popular with specific groups of people such as IT professionals, may do well to use SEM. The person doing the search already know where to find specific information. Once they are there the links, banners and ads that appear can be used as exceptional marketing tools when placed in just the right fashion.

Depending on how in-depth a person is when it comes to their research, will determine which type of search tools would prove to have the most benefits. Knowing the audience and the type of searches they will be performing, will also help to determine whether SEO or SEM should be used.