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SEO Promotion Techniques


seo promotionSEO stands for search engine optimization. The abbreviation usually refers to the algorithm with which Google decides which sites and/or content is to be listed for what searches and how highly it is to be ranked. There are many techniques for increasing your value in the algorithm, but there are also penalties for misusing these techniques or using abusive techniques.

What is SEO and why do you need it?

Search engine optimization is the process through which a business owner can promote their website on a search engine. Whether you are writing a blog or running the website of a multimillion dollar industry, Google’s search algorithm is scanning your content and making decisions as to the originality and usefulness of your offerings.

The ability to know, even at a basic level, how this system works can be massively beneficial to you when trying to boost traffic. It is the process by which small bloggers can make a living and websites such as Amazon can come to take over an entire wing of an industry.

Tips for SEO

Firstly, you must analyze search behavior. Using word tracking software, or a measure of intuition, decide what a customer will type into the search bar when searching for a product you have to offer. These are called key words and phrases, incorporate them in the meta description tag as that is what Google will show to searchers.

In addition, incorporate key phrases naturally into the text of your website around three or four times per document. These phrases should be no more than eight words long. In addition, always include the main key phrase in the title tag.

Use links from high ranking, relevant websites. If you can, approach similar websites and ask to trade links to both party’s benefit.

Finally, if you are trading in physical objects or files which a customer is intended to purchase, offering a limited supply of your product on online marketplaces more popular than yours with a link to your website is an excellent way to direct more traffic towards your smaller site, thus boosting your traffic and rating.

Panda and Penguin Penalties

Panda and Penguin, despite their amusing names, can be quite damaging. They are systems put in place by Google to prevent SEO spamming techniques. A normal level of SEO promotion shouldn’t be punished, but there are some techniques which seem ingenious, yet nonetheless must be avoided.

Using exact match anchor text (using another website’s keywords in a link to them) is a technique which will get you flagged as it hints at unnatural linking; the practice of buying or trading links.

Writing press releases with no actual content offered will also get you flagged.

Unoriginal content doesn’t just mean stealing content from another website. Although plagiarism is the worst form of unoriginal content, articles wherein the subject has been covered many times over (pancake recipes come to mind) will not be ranked particularly highly. Spamming unoriginal content will also drop your ranking.

Promoting your SEO is a valuable exercise, but it must be done with a certain prejudice. Create good content, design a neat website layout and employ correct SEO techniques.