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SEO Placement in 2017


seo placementRanking in Google after the new updates that have come across in 2016 may seem like too much to handle, but with the right kinds of back links and content you can still definitely make a great income from Google. It’s the world’s biggest search engine and it probably will be forever.

There’s always more to learn about SEO. It’s sort of like an open ended question. The fact is that your search engine marketing can be as complex or as easy as you want it to be. All you have to do is drive traffic to your pages and you will easily find that there is money to be made. Making sure you place in SEO these days is a bit hard to say.

You really just have to be persistent in your learning

My personal belief is that the only back linking program on the planet that still works with ease is the program linked to below in the banner. I have used SeNuke and it killed my rankings after Panda update. It’s a lot more difficult and less automated to make that program work with the new Google changes, which are all about randomizing, diversifying, back linking and not forgetting any of the basics along the way.

If you are to do back linking, you must make sure it is as consistent as possible. You must plan your campaigns on a weekly basis, and basically make it so it’s automated. If you end up sending too many back links to your site too fast, Google will see right through it and knock you out of your SEO placement.

Marketing on the big Google platform is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your blog or website, but be sure to really do your research on each keyword. I’ve been doing this for years and I still get it wrong sometimes. But honestly the best form of SEO is just coming out with small content after small content, continuing to build your entire network up from the bottom.

Again, here is the link for the only SEO program that has all the features needed to EASILY create realistic campaigns that will actually work.

Just don’t lose yourself in the music

SEO can be a never ending battle. Be realistic, do white-hat back linking and write original content. Spinning still seems to work post-Penguin, but not enough of it (or too much, to where it’s not legible) are no longer good options.

Making sure your weekly campaign is consistent AND random, without any kind of foot print, is absolutely essential post-Panda. Not to mention that the best way to do SEO now is to basically use a TON of website URL’s as your anchor text. For instance, instead of having all of your anchor texts being the same keyword over and over again, like it used to be, now it’s all about untargeted, “natural” looking keywords, TONS of LSI (related) keywords, and tons of natural looking backlinks, like

Definitely pick up Magic Submitter, linked to above, because it’s really high quality back linking tool for SEO. The only one that works, honestly, after the latest Google changes.