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SEO Link Building and Anchor Text Basics to Rank Higher


seo linksIn this post we are going to discuss off-site SEO with the focus on link building and anchor text. Unlike on-page SEO efforts which is the effort of making sure the site itself is search engine optimized, link building can be quite difficult as you do not have full control over who links to you and how they link to you. When at all possible, the goal is to control how someone links to you by asking for custom anchor text, also known as link text, and which page that link points to.

What Are Links and Why Are They Important?

First, let me review what a link is and why it’s so important to have as many quality links as possible. Inbound links are like votes, when someone links to your website from either their own site or blog, then it is a way of establishing credibility for your company as well as your site. The more links that are pointed to your site..the more authoritative the links become and the more important you must be, thus increasing the level of authoritativeness.

Content, Content, Content

By far the best way to get inbound links is to have great content.  Lisa D Myers “If links are the currency of the web, content is the bank!” Lisa really puts this into simple terms. If you want links to follow to your site, you must have something of value waiting for it. Good relevant content that people want to share with others is by far the best way to acquire links. With every page or blog you post, you have to ask yourself “What value will this post add to someone?”

Is your post conveying information in at a different slat? Perhaps with visual cues and industrial surveys. You can be most assured that what you post has been said before, as there is nothing new under the sun. So what makes yours unique?

Another caveat is that websites usually link to your root domain“” and although this acceptable, if the content of the page linking directly to you, fits the content of your internal page, then request to have that link point directly to that internal page vs. the root domain. This will direct your readers to the content they are seeking be without having to find their way around your website.This also strengthens deeper pages.

Anchor Text (Link Text)

Anchor text is the clickable text that directs you to anther page such as a link to Website Malware Removal Service will take you to my Malware removal service page set up for WHP. This text is important as it defines what that landing page will be about and website security service this link text as an indication to the content or topic of that page. Having anchor text of Read More or Click Here is not as defining. Using anchor text with keywords that match the keywords on the landing page is very important. However, most sites that link to you will either use your URL by default or your company name. That is why you might notice companies with keywords in their URL or name rank a little better with all other metrics being equal.

The majority of the time you can request link text to be changed and you should. Some popular sites use badges to customize the text used to define the anchor text, buy using keywords within the images alt attribute. I will cover more of that in a post dedicated to images. The takeaway here is to request custom anchor text whenever possible.