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What is Search Engine Optimization?


what is seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to boost search engine ranking and other ranks of a website or blog. In the middle of 1990 webmasters began to optimize sites for search engines. At this moment, SEO is very valuable because, it helps to improve huge website’s visitors and also helps for other online businesses. All we know about the popularity of this internet world, if you’re able to bring your website in the first page of Google with expensive keywords then Google should deliver a big amount of traffic to your website. Search engines are shows only top 10 results in all search’s pages and that’s for this is not a easy job to bring a website in the first page of search result with popular keywords.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

There are a lot of competitors of most websites and most of them are active. Keep in you mind that, you are not only person or your websites are not not got index in search engines. Everybody wants to improve their site’s ranking because, traffic= $. That’s why, at this time search engine optimization is a very valuable thing for every website and blogs. A website or blog shouldn’t be popular without proper Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s talk about Google. All we know that, Google is the best search engine. Most of the webmasters target Google to bring their website on the first page of search result. Search for anything on Google and see , how many results are visible in the first page? Not only Google, for better result you will also be active on Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL Search engines.

What is Search Engine Optimization?Without search engine traffic you can’t drive a lot of traffic to your blog or website. Search engines should help you to increase sales, popularity and many things. So, its better to optimize your website for search engines. At this moment, fresh and natural SEO strategies are working properly. If you want to improve rankings then you’ll follow fresh, natural and higher SEO strategies. I would like to suggest that, always start with keyword researching. Surely, you’ve to choose popular niche keywords to your website. If your keywords doesn’t get a large amount of search then how search engines should deliver a lot of traffic to your blog or website? So, be serious to optimize your website for search engines.
Kind of Search Engine Optimization

When the question is “what is search engine optimization?” then we’ve to to talk about On Page and Off Page optimization. SEO has divided into two parts and it is traditional for SEO. Below I’m listing those two parts.

  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization

On Page Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?On Page Optimization is the first part of Search Engine Optimization. After publishing a new website or blog, we’ve to think about On Page Optimization. Make sure that, your on page optimization is great and then go for link building or other off page optimization strategy. Be careful about this because search engines hate those websites and blogs which are not search engine friendly or not optimized for search engines. Let me show you a checklist of On Page Optimization for better On Page Optimization for your website or blog.

On Page Optimization Checklist

  • Keep in your mind that, you’ve to target a goal with niche keywords. So, start with keyword researching. Use Google Keyword Planner for keyword researching.
  • Google Planner is a full free keyword researching tool that is powered by Google. You can find your nice expensive keywords through this tool.
  • For better ranking, you’ll order SEO friendly domain name. Include your main keyword into your domain name. For example, check our domain name and keywords.
  • Meta Description tag also a part of Search Engine Optimization. Write an informative meta description tag to your website. Keep in your mind that, you’ve to make it fully user friendly.
  • ALT Tags are most important to use. Make it search engine friendly by including your keywords in it. But, you’ll also make it full unique.
  • H1 Tags are Title tags. Write your keywords in H1 tag format into the articles or web pages.
  • Internal Linking also very valuable. Because, ranking depends on internal linking. If you want higher Google Page Rank than build internal links properly and naturally.
  • You should check Keyword density of your webpage. Think about it hardly and place the correct number of keywords in a webpage.
  • For better search engine ranking Content/Articles are king! Always try to publish informative quality contents on your website.
  • Generate Sitemaps for Search Engines and let them crawl your website.
  • Also care about Site navigation. Make it user friendly and search engine friendly.

Day by day, Google changing Algorithms for SEO. If you want to check all them then visit the Google Algorithm page. You’ll always update your Search Engine Optimization process with Google algorithm updates. I’m showing you some on page optimization mistakes in 2014. At this moment, these processes are not still living so, we’ve to ignore this process.

Google Algorithm: Google updates algorithms in order to stop spam. If you don’t care those changes then you’ll be penalized by Google.

On Page Optimization Mistakes

Rewritten Article:
Don’t try to cheat with search engines. They are surely advance than us. Don’t try to publish rewritten articles on your blog or website. If it is impossible to you then hire someone. Your website’s ranking will decrease for this.

Duplicate Article:
Oh man.. be updated. Those days are gone. This is impossible to do something with duplicate contents. When rewritten articles are not allowed then how duplicate content should get all-out?

Duplicate Title Tags:
Make sure that, your title tags are not used. Use fresh tags for your Title Tag.

Using a Lot of Keywords:
This is no more. Google announced that, put your keyword maximum 3/4 times on a page and make sure about your keyword density. So, use your keywords naturally.

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Off Page Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?Off Page Optimization is the job that we do outside of our web pages. You’ve to link your site with other niche sites. This process should help you to improve your website’s search engine ranking by creating backlinks. Backlinks are like gold coin but don’t be crazy to grab a lot of backlinks easily. Don’t let search engines know that, you are creating backlinks to improve your search engine rankings. All we know that, backlinks act as a vote to improve ranking but that doesn’t mean, more backlinks = higher ranking. There are many other factors inside of Off Page Optimization. Let me show you a checklist about Off Page Optimization.

Off Page Optimization Checklist

Below I’m showing you a simple checklist about Off Page Optimization. I’ll publish another article asap about off page optimization.

  • Create niche higher ranking backlinks naturally.
  • Participate on social media platforms and create your community.
  • Comment on niche higher ranking web pages.
  • Forum posting.
  • Directory submission.
  • Search engine submission.
  • Article submission.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • Cross Linking.
  • Participate on Question & Answer sites.
Off Page Optimization Mistakes

All we know that, backlinks are like gold coin and that’s for people become hurry for creating more and more backlinks to improve ranking. Yet, they have not been noticed about Google algorithms or penguin, panda updates. So, don’t be hurry. Create backlinks to your website naturally. Don’t try to create more than 8-10 backlinks per day. Try to link your site with only higher ranking niche websites.

  • Forget about spamming when you go for link building. Don’t leave any spam comment or paragraph on any site.
  • Don’t sell or buy backlinks. You’ll be penalized by Google.
  • Use different anchor texts. Don’t create backlinks with the same anchor text.