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Search Engine Optimization Techniques 2016-2017


seo techniques

Well, now we’re at the last moment of 2016 and yet you know that many of search engine optimization techniques are changed by Webmasters. Look at my blog, I’ve written only 10 articles within last 8 months! I was quite busy for researching about few search engine optimization techniques which are now proven to me. I’ve read a lot of blog posts, forum discussions and so many articles to know what the hell is happening with search engine engine ranking factors. Below, I’m sharing few techniques which should help you to improve your search engine ranking in 2016-2017.

Optimize your blog for search engines

You should first optimize your blog for search engines before thinking about get indexed in all search engines. If you don’t optimize your blog properly for search engine robots and if they unable to crawl your blog and index new pages then how you’ll grab higher ranking? Below, I’m showing you a checklist to optimize a blog for search engine.

You’ve to write a “title tag” within 60 letters.
Write a unique META description tag and try to make it user friendly as much as possible.
Find out great keywords on your niche with Google Keyword Planner tool which are with higher CPC and low competition. You can target 12 to 18 best keywords to rank higher. Write your Meta Keyword tag.
Create and submit a XML sitemap to your blog. Create your Google XML sitemap and submit it also with Google Webmaster Tool.
Make your blog faster loading. You know, why people dislike lazy loading webpages and why search engines also do. So, try to make your blog faster as much as you can. Have a look at my blog 😀

Publish high quality relevant articles regularly

Still the content is king! You’ll update your blog regularly with user friendly informative articles which should help you to improve your rank with targeted keywords. Write an article including your keywords but never do this crazy thing as a spammer. Try to make your article shorter, if people can understand about the subject in short then they’ll like it and feel comfortable to visit other pages of your blog. This is a vital technique of all search engine optimization techniques. If you update your blog daily then search engine crawler bots should spend time on your blog daily and its a good signal to rank higher.
# Social media sites and social bookmarking sites

Social media sites are still working magically to improve the visibility of a webpage. You’ll active on social media sites like Facebook, Google and twitter and try to increase the number of fans regularly, you’ll update all of them with all updates of your blog. Social media sites helps a lot to improve blog’s traffic. Also focus on higher ranking social bookmarking sites and submit your webpage or webpages uniquely. Never do it for rank higher or never let search engines that you’re doing this to rank higher, try to make it user friendly as much as possible.

Only high quality relevant backlinks

Well, I’m not telling you to manage tons of do-follow backlinks from higher ranking websites! At this time, you just have to drop your link on those sites which are highly relevant and also have higher ranking. I’ve written an article based on link building strategy. So, find out higher ranking niche blogs and try to drop a single link of your site there. Creating high quality backlinks from niche sites is a great search engine optimization technique to rank higher. Poor quality link building strategy has gone now there’re so many factors to consider for quality link building and still if you do spamming then search engines should kick you out.