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Reasonable Link Building Prices


link building pricesLink building is an important aspect in marketing for any company that depends on online visibility. However, hiring services of a professional provider of link building services can be expensive. This is because, unlike in the past, there is a shift from free-for-all and illegitimate link building practices.

Today, webmasters are using latest search engine updates such as Penguin from Google. These updates and practices are likely to influence link building prices in 2016.

Average Cost of Building Links in 2016

The amount of money that companies are likely to pay as link building prices in 2016 will depend on various factors. For instance, additional services that a service provider offers are likely to determine the cost. Some providers of link building services will have packages with additional features such as baiting, Facebook promotion, Yahoo Answers or Twitter mentions, among others.

Strategies used in link building and creation of effective campaign will affect the pricing. There are also service providers who will offer follow up services. In a case where follow up services are provided, success of a link may determine the cost. All these coupled with the popularity and reputation of different service providers will determine link building prices in 2016.

Some service providers will also offer discounts on the links a client wants. Clients who want more links are likely to pay less per links. Similarly, for a client who wants a link building package with other search engine optimization services, he or she is likely to pay less.

Nevertheless, with many link service providers, the cost of building links in 2016 can range averagely between 35 dollars to 50 dollars per link. However, PR links can cost even up to 85 dollars. The cost is subject to variation depending on the service provider and the nature of a client’s project.

Ultimate Purpose of Link Building

Link building is a practice that enables other websites to link to that of your company. You can create links within your website and even outside. Visitors of other websites and pages will be able to link to your website using a link provided on the website they are on.

Search engines are also able to crawl all pages that are contained in your website. With well built links, your website gets higher ranking on the search engines. This is because the links makes your website popular than others without links.

A back link on another website that is used by Internet users to get to your website adds votes for your site on the search engine. However, a bad link might lower the popularity of your website. Therefore, make sure that a service provider guides you on where to place links for your website. This is very important because placing your links on some websites might lower the reputation of your site and company.

Nevertheless, with good link building services your website or blog will be known by many people. This will result to increased popularity. If you use the website to market your product, visitors will learn more about your product by linking to your site via the links. Having more links increase your chances of having more people visit your website.

Link Building Strategies that Work

The secret behind successful link building lies on the strategies used. Basically, you have to start by knowing your audience and then come up with content that will capture their attention. Make sure the content also propels them to take action.

Different link builders will use different strategies. However, there are common strategies that really work for many companies. These include the following;

  • Social Media: Many people are spending much of their time browsing through the social media websites. Placing a company’s website link on these websites is likely to drive more traffic to the site.
  • Linking Out: This entails dialoging with relevant bloggers. Look for blogs within your niche and try to engage them for backlinks.
  • Networking Emails: Networking through emails enables you to establish and grow relationships. Make sure that you have written an introductory email with catchy heading and subheadings.
  • Guest Posting: Use contents that raise your profile and allows for backlinks

The type of strategies used by a link builder must consider the key audience of the content. This is a very important consideration when determining link building prices in 2014. This will also determine where links are placed and whether they please them. This way, a website is more likely going to have more traffic from other websites where links are placed.

Nevertheless, when surveying for link building prices at present, it is important to consider the quality of the services you are getting. Always remember that put the web audience at the forefront of your goals and give them useful content. Ultimately, nothing beats content that’s authoritative, helpful and easy to access.