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What is Personal SEO Blogging



Well, all we know the definition of blogging. People start blogging for many reasons and the most common of them is money blogging. Let me clear it, a blog that should help you to income through online. There are many third parties which should let you be a publisher of them and you can earn by showing their advertisements on your blog and the secret of money blogging is “Traffic”. Oops! I’m not a child and I’m not worried about my blog traffic because of this is not money blogging; I addressed it “SEO Blogging” 😀 Please, don’t laugh 😀

I always love to share my experiences and knowledge and this idea can be happened by only search engine optimization workers. In this article, I’m going to share with you the goal of mine for this blog. but, at first let me introduce myself in a single sentence, this is Rafiul Islam Tanik from Bangladesh and I’ve been working on search engine optimization since last three years. Ok, now let me come to the point.
Why “SEO People” should Run a blog based on Search Engine Optimization

Do you really want to be an SEO expert? Here’s the secret, publish a blog based on search engine optimization and keep writing about those things which you’ve learned from other blogs like SearchEngineJournal, Moz Blog etc. There are so many benefits if you are a newbie of search engine optimization and the ability to run a blog based on SEO.


# You’ll be updated with latest search engine optimization changes, news etc. All we know that, Google Algorithms are changing frequently and if you able to work by accepting their trams and conditions then easily you can grab higher search engine ranking.

# Content is KING! Content optimization is not very job. You may able to write thousand of words but that doesn’t mean your content should be unique properly. And, all the specialists of search engine optimization know; how to optimize a content for search engine. A blog that means you need content and that’s for you’ve to write quality articles for better search engine ranking. As an SEO Worker, you’ll monitor your content ranking positions, backlinks for contents, tags for contents etc. and that’s the point. When you’ll able to track it properly then you can mark them problems for lower ranking.

# You don’t have to spend a lot of time on your blog. What I do? I’m updating my blog very slowly and don’t creating huge backlinks for them! Well, I always love to write more and that’s why I explain about the selected topic in details. The benefit is, the search engine doesn’t like contents with fewer sentences. I only drop my blog’s links on highly relevant sites which are with higher search engine ranking. I create, 3 to 5 backlinks in a single week and try to publish two or three high quality informative articles in the same week.

# The big benefit is, when you’ll grab higher ranking positions, page ranking etc. then you may use your blog as a portfolio site of your company! Really, great idea of an SEO worker because of at this present marketplace there are tons of search engine optimizers.