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Why Your Keywords are Not Optimized for Search Engine ?


seo keywords

If you want  more traffic on your website then  it’s possible only  when your keywords are optimize on search engine . It’s difficult  and more important for any websites.  There is certain tips which we remember during write the post and choose the Keywords with this for wordpress blogger SEO plugin also play important role.

Position of keywords in page.

First of all make the unique content chose the keyword which easy define the meaning of whole post in just 5-6  words.Which is  simple & easy understandable content of your post and don’t forget to put your keyword in your content

  • Example : how do Blog SEO for organic traffic.
  • In this content your keyword is the “Blog SEO” . Remember never put the keyword in last of the content.

Put your keyword in the URL of the page.

  • Example : organic- traffic/
  • Use keyword first in the URL this give strong signal to all the search engines.

Keyword density

  • Use keyword 3 to 5% of quantity of your post word. It mean that if 500 hundred words in your post the according to 3-5% your keyword should be 20 time in your post. For easy  appearance to the search engine make this keyword bold and italic  if possible then also do underline.
  •  NOTE : don’t use the keywords more than the 5% other it would be consider over optimization of SEO.
  • Use keyword in the first H1 heading. It give strong signal to the search engines. After this use also in the third heading (H3)

Plugin For SEO

There is two wordpress plugin which use widely in word

  1. All in one SEO pack
  2. SEO by yoast

I am mostly prefer all in one SEO pack. It’s easy and more helpful for SEO. You can also do this by the  By using HTML code this also the best Idea for give strong signal to the search engines.

Magic of description

  • Description is of 160 words because all search engines read only 160 words. (These are those line which  give bellow the content in the search engines)
  • Make description attractive so users are force to click on the link.
  • Make description with simple words which people usually type in search engines.
  • Description only about your post
  • Put two times your keyword in the description.

Guide for choose the Keyword.

  • Choose always  those keyword which  is usually type in search engines.
  • Keyword should be low competition  and high visitor searches.
  • Don’t choose keyword of single word it always a more competitive .
  • Make keyword always with the 2-4 combination of keyword eg : optimize keyword for search engines, Tips for organic SEO, Generate quality back links.

Role of link Building

  • Make some back links for the content.
  • Try to optimize your keyword as the Anchor text in your niche.