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How To Improve Your On Page SEO


seoThe bars have been raised. SEO is getting more complex. With the Social Media going BIG and more and more people are doing SEO, SEO is changing and evolving. Take a look at our tips to improve your on page seo.

Now what are the changes?

Simply keeping this simple. The BIG FIVE (LICKS)

  • Links
  • Interactions
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Speed

First on the list,


Google is going hard on this, and I mean really hard. In the past, it’s easy to do SEO, you get links, you get juice and you get rankings. Links from Articles directory, External Blogs, Social Profiles were in the norm just 2 to 1 years back. But now, Google is hitting hard on these. No more buying links, doing links dump and getting your site ranked.Now more than ever, Quality has a bigger advantage than Quantity.

What can you do?

  • Get Links from relevant site as the site you’re ranking.
  • Drip Linking, Don’t Dump.
  • Variations – Anchor Text, DoFollow and NoFollow.


Social Media is huge, and I mean like REAL HUGE. People are spending a whole lot of time on Social Medias nowadays. And Google well…  is playing by the ear. Here’s what you need to know, Most links on social medias are NOFOLLOW. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. For social media we’re not targeting a link as a link, we targeting it to get traffic. But the likes and Plus one has an impact. It gets the page that people liking it, a viral effect. Meaning you get the effect trough itself, instead of on the Search Engines. And the more peeps clicking and visiting on it, Now that will improve your rankings.

  • Social Media – Plus One, Likes.
  • Internal Linkings, (Get users to stay longer on your site.)


Amazingly This has maintain the most, almost throughout all the SEO algorithm changes.
Keep content fresh and original and readable. Sprinkle LSI keywords, DON’T SPAM.

Emphasizing on READABLE. Algorithm changes blah blah blah. Google has made their bots humanlike. Well I’m not saying you can’t use lingoes or you’re ending up having to put everything in layman terms or putting everything in perfect English.
If you feel comfortable reading it. It’s a pass.


Mix and match make them related to what you’re targeting. Don’t overuse, don’t make it too overcrowded. And by overcrowding, I meant putting them side by side by side… You catch the drift.


This might be relative new. Speed simply means, the speed your site loads. How to counter this. Get your site hosted locally, of where you’re targeting is one of the “easier” fix. Go easy on the pictures, scripts on one page.

Well let’s hope that’s simple enough?
To get a deeper insight on how to improve your Rankings you could either join us or hire us. Remember now, Anyone can do SEO. Just need to spend a little more time, and some reading. (Make sure you’re reading the up to date algorithm changes….)