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How to Fast Approved of Google Adsense Account with Simple Implement


google adsense

If you does not have Google adsense then your blog is waste. I know that you will try lot of for getting Google adsense but all time you are the fail and get massage your account can’t be approved this time  that’s because you make same mistake again and again but don’t worry this time finally your Google adsense is approved and you don’t need thousands of visitors for this or any page rank. you just read out step by step this post and implement in your website.

Which Gmail account should be use for Approved Google adsense.

Every new blogger do this same mistake even I am also do this mistake three time.

  • Make a new Gmail account for apply the Google adsense. This account should be real and matching information to your website.
  • Upload directory on Google  webmaster tool from this Gmail account and also on Google analytical tools.
  • Don’t use this Gmail account for any other purpose or any type of experiment even for don’t use this G mail account for Send massages.

Your website should be familiar with this.

  • At least 15 Post must be contain your website. Each must be contain more than 500 words if any post in your website is less than  500 words then change this remove. Use proper headings and description and keyword.
  • Your website must be 50 visitor  check only on Google analytic .
  • Upload directory on Google webmaster tools and also submit sitemap.
  • Your website must contain three pages(about Us, privacy policies, contact us). your about us page must contain your original image, real name, age must be more the 19 year and be sure all this match to your Gmail account Data.
  • Don’t use to much image in your website and your website must be informative except of downloading.
  • Make some 15 quality fresh links  for your website
  • Use internal linking in your website if possible then also use external linking.
  • In last but don’t matter to much that your domain name age is more than 2 month and use always high level domain name.
  • Try to upload unique information in your website.
  • Your website loading speed must be high. So remove junk files and plugin  from your website and regular optimize your data.
  • Check your broken links by the help of Google webmaster tool and repair this link.
  • Your website don’t be in under construction or any error like (404,403,data base connection error) .
  • After compile your website with all this statement apply for the Google adsense.
  • During apply for ad sense fill your real information and must be match with Gmail account and the about page in your website.

After apply the Google ad sense

  • After apply you get the code and then you put This code side widget box (for wordpress blog – login wordpress-open-appearance – widget-chose-HTML text- put the Google ad sense code)
  • Remember don’t put code in any post just put the code in the side widget.
  • After two day you will get massage that your Google ad sense account is approved.