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Don’t Waste Money on SEO Firms


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They promise to build your online brand, cleaning up negative search results and putting you in control of your online reputation. But such claims leave many businesses wondering whether a marketing firm that provides only one service is enough. Paying for one service that can be capably handled by a full-service marketing firm is both unnecessary and risky. Here are a few things to consider before you consider hiring an SEO firm.

Some SEO Firms Aren’t Reputable

Granted, plenty of talented SEO firms exist that can help businesses increase search engine exposure. But alongside those firms are companies and individuals who promise but don’t deliver. SEO is, after all, an ever-changing art and with Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes in the past two years, many of the techniques that once worked are no longer relevant. Businesses that have not stayed abreast of those changes will likely see lackluster results.

SEO Firms Must Do Content Marketing

If an SEO firm doesn’t offer content marketing services, that SEO firm is already outdated. And once a business begins requesting content marketing, that business is a half a step away from working with a full-service marketing agency. Content marketing is a large part of any modern-day marketing firm’s business model, along with SEO and social media marketing work. By limiting yourself to a business that solely offers SEO, you’re limiting your marketing efforts to one small area that is no longer effective on its own.

Results Are Hard to Measure

Many businesses hire an SEO firm, only to find search results don’t change. Most SEO experts will let you know real results take time, but this means that if you’ve contracted with a less-than-reputable firm, you likely won’t realize it until it’s too late. Some SEO firms provide progress reports to show the results of all that hard work. But a marketing firm can show results immediately, crafting an online reputation that includes improving a business’s social media presence and retooling its websites to better reach customers.

It’s All About Content

Google has made it clear, as have marketing experts all over the country. It’s all about content. Since trickery and “black hat” tactics no longer work, we’re back to where we were before SEO began. Businesses need logos, videos, blogs, articles, website design, social media postings, and the like—all things full-service marketing firms provide. When it comes to providing content, full-service marketing firms employ professionals who are well-versed in the best techniques to improve customer engagement. They understand SEO, but they also understand the many other crucial elements that help build a business’s brand for the long-term.

A good SEO firm can help a business increase prominence in search engine results, but a full-service marketing firm can do much more. As search engines continue to stress the importance of valuable content to search engine algorithms, businesses are realizing that content specialists are the way to go. Finding a marketing firm that can reach out to customers with high-quality social media and blog posts will naturally give businesses the online presence they need to rank well in search engine results. By skipping the SEO firm and choosing instead a full-service marketing firm, a business can make each dollar it puts toward marketing count.