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Best Link Building Strategy


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Link building is the most important part of search engine optimization. At this moment, the link building strategy is quite different than beyond time. Google changing search ranking algorithms 500 to 600 times each year. A lot of websites and blogs lost Google Page Rank (PR) and search ranking position totally right after Panda, Penguin updates. The main goal is to stop spamming and kick out all spammers and their indexed pages from search engines. Yet, Google unable to stop spamming totally but still they are trying their best and updating algorithms regularly.

At this moment, search engines don’t care about quantity of backlinks because the quality is now first thing and then quantity. I’ll say that quantity also matter :v Yes, why not? If the quantity of backlinks is good then no problem but it doesn’t mean you’ll build a lot of backlinks in a short time.

I’ve mentioned Google as an example because, every search engine optimization specialist target Google first and everyone wants to be on the first page of search result :v All we know, Google shows only top ten search results and that’s why the competition is too higher on many phrases. You’ll be on the first page of search result if your link building strategy is good.

There are a funny misconception that, link building has gone! Huh, only poor quality link building has gone for forever. Forget about the beyond link building strategy because, a large amount of backlinks can’t help to improve rankings if, they are not relevant with your website. In this case, you’ve to focus on higher ranking relevant sites for better seo strategy.

Not only Google, focus on other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. They can be also a great source to drive targeted traffic to your website. If you want to spare your product/website or service properly in this internet world then my suggestion should “optimize your website for all major search engines which should help you for driving targeted traffic“.

If you want a higher ranking on search engines then you’ll plan strong link building strategy because, three backlinks equal three votes. These votes will help you to boost search ranking result page (SERPs) and other major rankings of your blog. Yes, backlinks are like votes but don’t be hurry to create a lot of backlinks asap because there is another theory about “Natural”. Be careful about the link building because, you’ve to do everything naturally. Create backlinks naturally from higher ranking niche sites. Keep in your mind that, a backlink from relevant site is like thousands poor backlinks.

Keep in your mind, when you’ll go for puts your link on other sites then think properly, does that website relevant to your site and what about the rankings. Don’t be greedy to build a lot of backlinks from any type of websites; I promise you’ll be kicked by Google.

Below, I’m going to share my link building strategy that I’m following. Surely, all these are white hat search engine optimization and penguin safe. My opinion, this link building strategy should help you to improve your link building experience.

Internal Link Building

Internal link building is a vital part of search engine optimization. This is so much important to care because it is like a bough of every blog. You should ignore unnatural bottomless linking. Internal link is “linking your blog with your blog’s relevant links”. Be careful, you should ignore to use these texts ” must read/ relevant link/ relevant posts etc. within your articles. You may show your blog’s related links below your article.

Keep in your mind that, when you should link a page from several pages then use different linking text to be more natural and positive. Don’t try to overdo it, use maximum 7 internal link within body text. The main thing is, you should add links to help your readers.

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Relevant Blog Commenting

hey… :v I love to comment on niche blogs regularly 😉 and I always suggest this pretty link building tactics to every search engine optimization team. I’m not talking about Blog commenting, it was about relevant blog commenting. I’ve written another article about the easiest ways to find relevant blogs, read that article to find out your relevant blogs to comment on.

I think, blog commenting is major in link building strategy but that doesn’t mean, commenting on any type of blogs is the right way for blog commenting. You’ll only focus on higher ranking niche blogs to comment on relevant articles with your original name, correct mail account and your link. Don’t try to leave any poor quality comment rather try to leave the best comment on that page for more visibility.

It should be better if you’re able to write valuable comments including your keyword phrases naturally. If you are not able to write naturally your keyword phrases then ignore this because, your comment will be marked as a spam comment and this can be harmful to your site. Blog owners should check your comment before publishing so, don’t try to spam there.

Forum Backlinks from Niche Forums

Search engines love forum backlinks. Hey hey, stop : v don’t be crazy. Find out relevant forums where people discuss and share topics which are in your niche. Keep in your mind that, every quality backlinks will be your relevant, it can be any type of backlink.

There are many tactics to get backlinks from those forums. Register on these forums with your link, post informative topics etc. Read trams and conditions of those forums before registering. Don’t spam there rather try to post informative niche paragraphs which should be helpful to other forum members. Don’t forget to signature your account.

Niche Directory Submission

People say that, directory submission is no more! :p This is still live and search engines also still love this. But, forget about paid directory submission. It is nothing, just a waste of your money : v Find out directories which are relevant to your link’s subject and submit your links there. My opinion, directory submission is still working for better search engine ranking.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging, eh? Have you checked the last update about guest blogging? Let me clear it to you guys. Guest blogging is still a very powerful way to link your site with highly authority sites and guest blogging still working for better search engine ranking. But, cut down the quantity of guest blogging! You’ve to publish informative articles on highly relevant blogs. Focus on your relevant blogs and register an account with original information to make your profile pretty and try to publish very informative articles after every 4,5 days.

Don’t try to submit any spam article because the blog’s owner should check your article before publishing it on the blog. Guest blogging also a source to drive targeted traffic to your site. So, if you are able to help them (blog readers) then they should visit your blog to get more helpful articles. Write your bio (Author bio) including one or two links on your blog.

Competitor’s Link Tracking

Make a list of your competitor sites and now track their backlinks! Don’t be afraid, I’ll show you A to Z 🙂 Here, I’m going to introduce you with “” Open Site Explorer “” My premium account is now not up to date but I’ll show you with the free account. Open Site Explorer is a site to track your competitor’s backlinks easily to get backlinks from those pages.

That was my simple link building strategy and I’ve tried my best to explain everything in details. Hopefully you’ll like and enjoy my link building strategy. Feel free to share with me your problems, I’ll try my best to help you as much as i can.