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The Beginner’s Checklist For Small Business SEO


seo solutionIf you have a business and want to increase the profits for your company, at some point it will be necessary to build a website for the business. One of the most important processes of a website is learning what SEO is and how to use it for your business. An easy way to accomplish this is by hiring a reputable SEO consultant to help you; however, if you want to learn the SEO process or start the work before hiring a consultant, the following checklist will help get you started.

The first step is to understand what SEO is. SEO, search engine optimization is the process of promoting your website and increasing traffic to the website through the use of search engines, such as Google. There are several factors that are involved in good SEO practices, such as the use of keywords. The goal is to use SEO as a way of structuring your site so that the search engines understand and will find you.

  • Make a goal of why you are in the need of SEO. For example, so you want to increase the traffic to your website or do you want to get more local business to your website?
  • Make a list of search queries such as what keywords someone may type in the search box when they are trying to find your company. For example, if your business sells carpet cleaning, someone may type in rug cleaning, cleaning for carpets or steam cleaning.
  • Research the keywords you have chosen by signing up for Google Adwords. Learn how to use the keyword tool as well as the generator for ad text ideas. The keyword difficulty tool is free to use or you can use word tracker which is a fee based tool.
  • The keyword generator tools will provide a variety of keywords for you to use that are based on the primary word you use. Make a list of about ten of the best keywords.
  • Get to know your competition by analyzing the search engine results pages that come up for your keywords. Take note of what company is ranking at the top of the search; review their page to see what they are doing to effectively bring traffic to their site and how you can improve on what they are doing ineffectively.
  • Make a list of all of your competitors by using the information found in the search results. This will help you learn how other sites were able to get targeted in the search engines.
  • Use the keywords accordingly in your content and avoid overusing keywords, known as keyword stuffing, as a way to increase ranking, as this will confuse the search engines and may actually do more harm than good.