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Are Article Submission Services Working?


article submissionIt is interesting to hear many of the “SEO experts” bad-mouthing article marketing in 2012, especially since SEO practices in general have shifted back to more “white hat” link building methods. These types of “shifts” in SEO methodology occur every couple of years, as surely as Google will continue to update their algorithms. Article submission services had become the “hottest thing since sliced bread” when blog networks exploded on the scene in 2011, and now that several were de-indexed (Build My Rank), many folks found their websites escorted to the exits by the Google Penguin.

Panda and Penguin Have Many Folks Hiding. The resulting devastation from the Penguin update sent droves of internet marketers fleeing for their lives in sheer terror, and many are still cowering at the thought of manually building another link to their website. The truth is that not a whole lot has changed. The websites that were hurt the most were the ones that were engaging in bad link building practices. Heck, most folks don’t even know that the Google algorithms are updated almost every day, and sometimes several times in a day.

The Importance Of Link Velocity and Article Submission

It is important to recognize that each page on your website has a “link velocity” score attached to it. This is the rate at which your page is receiving backlinks, and it plays a part in your rankings in the search engines for your targeted keywords. It is helpful to think of link velocity as a measure of how popular your webpages are. When you have an increasing link velocity, your webpage is growing in popularity for it’s targeted keywords.

As Google rolled out the Panda, Penguin, and Freshness updates, the importance of maintaining link velocity has grown dramatically. Webpages with higher link velocities are being ranked better than pages with declining link velocity – all other things being equal. This just makes good sense when you think about it. People that are searching for things online want to find websites that are gaining popularity, not those that are becoming less popular.

Is Article Marketing Really Dead? What does this have to do with article submission tools and services? It has a lot to do with it. The changes that have occurred in the search engines over the last 2-3 years have changed the role of article marketing. Some folks have been claiming for several years that “article marketing is dead”, but that’s just a load of crap.

Article marketing and submission services have truthfully become more important as part of an overall SEO campaign – if they are used correctly. The only real article marketing lies that have been touted by the so called “internet gurus” is that article marketing is as potent as it used to be.

Article marketing for SEO is still a fantastic way to get some traffic to your site when it is new, when it has little or no traffic. If you actually take the time to provide useful and valuable information in an article that you post online, it can become one of the pillars of a strong foundation for your website. If you go about it in a “minimalist” fashion, and simply post spun content, a 250 word paragraph, or both – you will not see much, if any, traffic coming from this effort.

Instead of posting 500 word articles on article directories, you now have to post an article with at least 1000 words that provides true value to the reader – if you want to get real value in return. Posting articles on Squidoo, LiveJournal, Hubpages, and other Web 2.0 properties will often get more traffic nowadays than posting on Ezine Articles or GoArticles. This is because the article directories were heavily spammed from 2003 to 2010, and the amount of useful information there is limited at best – and people realize this (and don’t use them as much).

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The Effects of Article Marketing Spam

If you take a few minutes to search for topics that you find interesting on Ezine Articles, take note of what you see. Most of the time, the articles that you find are low-grade garbage, not something useful or valuable in any way. They are typically articles that have very basic “regurgitated” information about a given topic. Taking the time to post there will get you a decent backlink and a trickle of traffic – and maybe even more – if what you post there is good.

Be Careful Of the Folks Telling Lies. The facts that we have uncovered by looking at a wide range of different websites have proven that those sites that were built in a diversified way are the ones that were least affected by Google Panda and Penguin. Many of the sites that were built with more valuable article marketing strategies are still getting traffic years later. This is because of the nature of engaging and useful content creation. If you post something worthwhile and valuable, it’s value will last – just as the backlinks and traffic from useful article marketing has.

Article submission services serve a different purpose in 2012. They are best used for posting automated “SEO-grade” content online. These services are not meant to generate any traffic – only lower grade backlinks. The reason that lower-grade backlinks are particularly important is because the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes are focused on rewarding websites that have a diverse and “natural” looking profile. A natural looking website profile consists of several things, including valuable content, and a diversified backlink footprint.

A diversified backlink “footprint” means that you have a lot of different types of backlinks that are pointing to your website from a lot of different places. For this backlink footprint to look natural to the search engines, usually 80-90 percent of the links need to be low PR (pagerank) backlinks. These don’t carry a lot of weight by themselves, but they give the appearance of websites naturally linking to your pages.

Keeping Your Profile Looking “Natural”

It is simply not natural for an abundance of your backlinks to be coming from high PR websites or webpages. This would be like Joe’s Hamburger Grill having a McDonald’s and Burger King sign out front. It just doesn’t make sense.

Joe’s Hamburger Grill. Article submission services thus serve two purposes. They generate a lot of lower PR backlinks, and they automate the maintenance of the all-important link velocity that we talked about earlier. Both of these factors are important if you want to attain and keep high search engine rankings for your targeted keywords.

There are good article submission services and bad ones. The good ones will submit your articles to a variety of different article distribution networks, public blog networks, private blog networks, and other “content farms” that are found in the recesses of the web. The good ones have diversified IP addresses, and post to larger networks with a lot of diversified referring domains.

There are high PR blog networks that you can use also, but it is important to use them sparingly, and to not overdo it. Too many high PR backlinks will look unnatural, and your rankings in the search engines will suffer. I know I sound like I am harping on this – but it is absolutely crucial to keep everything you do diversified and even a bit random to achieve the best results.

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How To Get Good Results With Article Submission Services

To get really good results using article submission tools and services, it is also important to use articles that are well-spun. Spinning is a way of creating multiple versions of a single article. The better that the article is spun, the more readable the resulting variations of the original article are. A well-spun article sounds great when you read it – and will generate a higher number of backlinks than a poorly spun article will when it is used in automated article submission.

While many people consider article submission to be more of a “grey hat” SEO technique, I don’t look at it that way. I consider it to be a necessary part of building an online business today. If you use really well spun articles, your article submissions will be easily readable and will provide a decent amount of useful information.

Getting Great Results. You can use poorly-spun articles to build backlinks, but they will not provide your website with higher quality backlinks like taking the time to create quality content will. This is because the algorithms will surely change more in the future, and the first content that is always de-valued as a result of these changes is the poorest content posted on the web.

Just keep it all looking natural, and change what you are doing every month – and you will be pleased with your results.