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Types Of Marketing Strategies To Become A Successful Company


social marketingMarketing strategy are the tricks to attract the customers to attract the people to buy their products in bulk. These strategies are made to make the customers aware of the features of the product and also to give a brief idea about the offers available if you buy the product. It is a way to mix with the customers so that the communication among the company and customer continues to build up a good relation. All these types of techniques are developed and implied so as to make profit of the company.

Process to develop marketing strategy

Firstly to develop a well defined strategy one need to have knowledge about constrains of the company. One needs to know the inner and outer environment conditions and aspects of the company like economic and political aspects. Whenever a strategy is being developed specific terms and conditions should be pre decided and mentioned within the strategy. It should also be kept in mind and a pre decided precautions should be taken if the strategy fails in its operations. There are various types of marketing strategies in the market. Some of them are as follows:

Bond marketing

This is a very interesting technique to pull the customers to the company’s side. Here two or more company’s forms group so that by any means a customer forms bond with any of the company then the interest will be shared by all the companies joined together. By this the benefit of outcome is shared by all the company equally and also there is new inclusion of customers.

Marketing by making relationships

Relationships are an important factor in business. It is the customer who can build the business of a company so it is very important to give the proper respect to the laxmi of the business and that is the customer. For example various shops give offer to the customers in various festivals like durga puja or diwalis or dhantras. This type of relationship is good .

Marketing by the help of person

Well organized person are needed to help in the campaign of the company’s product or services. These people help the customer to understand why they should use their product or services and how this product can help them. They help the customers to realize the benefit in using their product. These persons are mainly appointed to help the customers in all possible ways. They also try o identify the area where the product will be at its peak sale and by doing so they launch their product in bulk amount in that geographical areas.

Online and E-mail marketing

This is the new trend of marketing with the help of this the product or the services of the company are made available to the customers. Even when a customer purchases from the online market then all the details are sent through e-mail. Even if the order needs to be cancelled then the customer can contact the company through e-mail. All the proofs are maintained through e-mail. Conversations are done to keep in touch with the customers.