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Tips About Search Engine Marketing


search engine marketingSearch Engine Marketing, which is also commonly called SEM, is a process which involves manipulating how search engines function in order to improve a website’s page ranking when certain key phrases are searched for. Here are some tips in manipulating your site:

1. Focus

If you are in the search engine marketing, you have to be aware that the Internet is a huge community. No matter how big a fish you are, you’ll be lost in it. Find yourself a small pool. The smaller a fish you are, the smaller a place you need, but don’t try to be all things to all people. Focus on what you have.

2. Differentiate

In search engine marketing, you should have a reason why people must visit your website, buy your product or get your service. By all means try to get people to like you but remember they have a lot more choice in a search engine marketing than on a high street, you need to communicate why they should choose you among the rest who are also engaged in the search engine marketing.

3. Design the Site for the Costumers

People are led either by their visual senses, their auditory senses or their kinesthetic senses. When you watch any great auditor speak you’ll see him trying to appeal to all of these senses, so that he communicates with his entire audience – not just a part of it. Your website must do this too. As what is emphasized earlier, being involved search engine marketing is not an easy job because there are lots of competitors. Make sure that your site catchy enough for the costumers.

4. Be Proficient in Writing

In search engine marketing, you have to know that people read web pages differently to printed pages so you have to write bulleted points, in sharp, concise text with links to greater detail and further information, if the reader requires.

5. Regular Update

Just like a good shopkeeper changes his shop window and the layout of his store on a regular basis, you change the content and look of your site. Your involvement in search engine marketing will be more effective and visitors would have their way in visiting your site.

6. Maintain the Simplicity of your Site

Just like most processes, you need to build your website for the lowest common denominator. Make it as simple and easy as you possibly can. Rigorously check everything so that your users have no chance of having a bad experience. In search engine marketing there is always a sacrifice of sophistication for simplicity, remember that that simplicity really works.

7. Link your Site

Before search engine marketing became such a dominant driver of traffic, you tended to look all over for sources of traffic. Having no money meant paying for advertising listings was out of the question but if you could find relevant sites where a link to your site would benefit visitors and drive traffic, for instance if your site sold beds and you got a link from a site that sold bedding, then it was win-win. Similarly if you did stuff or created news stories that other sites may want to cover, then you could gain coverage and links.