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The Essentials To Social Media Optimization



There is a new surge in the online marketing world surrounding social media. Using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will help you to gain more exposure for your business and to gain natural website traffic. This type of traffic is not unnoticed by the search engines and you will be rewarded with a higher web ranking for it. The problem some companies run into is struggling to understand how to effectively perform search engine optimization for their websites to bring in the natural traffic. For you to become effective with social media, use the following tips:

  1. Listen – one of the key aspects to becoming successful on Facebook and Twitter is to learn how to listen. Using the appropriate tools, you will be able to manage the topics that are being discussed and to chime in with quality information. Customers want to hear from your business if they know they can trust what you say and that the information you are commenting on is valid to the question or discussion board. There are monitoring programs that will allow you to listen to what your target market is talking about. Find out what hash-tags are popular for your industry and what keywords people use in order to locate information pertaining to your business. Identifying this information will help you to post topics related to the discussions that your target market is interested in. You must learn how to use search engine optimization on your social media pages, which means you need to identify the anchor text, comments, and tags that are used and incorporate them naturally into your site.
  2. Quality content – we cannot express enough about the importance of posting quality content. The updates to Google quickly taught marketing experts that content is the key to gaining web traffic and remaining relevant. Using market research, find out the topics that are interesting and engaging to your audience and start positing blog articles about them. Linking them to your social media channels will bring the traffic back to your site from the customers that are interested in what you have to say.
  3. Socialize – to gain followers, talk to them! People want to hear from the businesses that they support. When they post questions, respond to them promptly. Customers need to know that there is a person behind the business and they like to socialize.
  4. Measure your results – thanks to the optimization tools, you can start measuring the results of your new campaigns on social media sites
    and your website. Learn to track the information that people respond to so you can easily create campaigns that are focused on this information.

Utilizing Social Media Marketing Effectively

For you to become successful with social media marketing, you must be able to use the right type of web optimization techniques and to focus on proper social engagement with your customers. Many businesses will spend thousands of dollars to market their business and to have a company manage their social media page. While it can work, there are so many different methods to social media and to online marketing that you could just be wasting a lot of money. With the right website optimization techniques, you can bring your social media traffic back to your site and to focus on overall improvement of your search engine rankings. With the shift in SEO thanks to the updates released by Google, there is also a shift in social media marketing as well. Here is a 3 phase process you need to use to become relevant:

Phase 1 – Content

One of the critical elements to using the social media sites is to focus on the content that you are posting. If the content is not high quality and it is not valid to the customers, it will not bring in the traffic to your website and to your social media page. Look to the right sites to create a profile. Do not assume that Facebook and Twitter are the only places where you can market and can gain traffic. Promote content to other places like LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

Phase 2 – Website Optimization

Researching the popular keywords on social media can allow you to add them to your website and to your social media site. Blogs allow you a great place to host discussions with your customers and to gain additional feedback from them. Since there is a great deal of influence on your search engine rankings based on traffic, focus on link building from other blogs and valid websites. Content that is original will help to gain sharing of your articles on social media sites and other places. This allows you to become successful with your website but also with social media.

Phase 3 – Engagement

What is the key element that brings people back to your website and to follow your company on social media sites? Engagement! How often do you join in with the discussions that your customers are having? Do you focus on daily posting? How often do you find people sharing the content that you post? Learning the discussions that are relevant to your target audience will heavily influence your social media marketing strategy and will greatly improve your traffic and relationships with your customers.