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Small Business Email Marketing


email marketingWhen it comes to small business email marketing, the most important thing you can do for your business is to COLLECT EMAILS. Some of you may not even see a mailing list as a big part of your marketing, but if you don’t then it’s most likely because there’s some important information you should know about.

It doesn’t matter where you drive your traffic from, whether it’s free traffic from Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or other sources, you can generate tons of income as long as you are collecting the leads. What I mean by this is simply that you should constantly be putting your time and energy into building your lists.

Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, all social networks have some sort of list building features inside of them. First of all, they are all going to ask you to share with your friends with a process they like to call “friend invites”, but realistically what it is is free promotion for them. They want you to send an email blast out to all your friends asking them to join in on Facebook, or Twitter, or any other social network (every single social network has this built in).

But if you’re a small business, email marketing is even more important. You need to understand that the #1 motivator for email marketing in general is the fact that it’s direct 1 on 1 marketing. Back in the day you had to call people one phone call at a time in order to bring the kind of 1 on 1 results you’d want.

Now it’s much easier. In order to bring tons of people to your site using one on one marketing tactics, now all you had to do is BUILD an EMAIL LIST. I provided a link above to the service I personally pay every month, and I think it’s the best place to start for anybody who’s interested.

The open rate and send rate for email messages is about 10x as high as any post you will put on Facebook or Twitter with the equal amount of followers/subscribers. I’ll tell you why, too. This happens because the social networks house thousands of other people in your news feed, so you’re constantly at competition with PAGES and PAGES of content. This is true for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and every other social network.

So it’s very important to do your job in finding the right kinds of email marketing for small businesses. The basics: Gather the traffic you send your way onto a MAILING list, no matter what…

Other than that? Well, there’s not much else! Just do that and you will do great.