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squidooAccording to sources, “Squidoo is a user-generated website that makes it easy for users to create pages or lenses on topics they are most interested. These lenses are interactive and may contain photos, maps from Google, blogs and other links. Squidoo Lensmaster spread the users’ ideas, get recognized as professionals, and send more traffic to websites and blogs, they could likewise generate royalties.

Focusing firmly on long term Benefits

Squidoo Lensmasters was once publicly announced SEO outsourcing companies as a means to get rich quick. But since the time it was created, the most that a single lens has ever come up with in a month is about $30.

So the idea of reaping riches through Squidoo Lensmasters seems naught and these this somewhat discourages SEO outsourcing companies and some website users..

Search Engines Lense Listing

Since the October 2005 Squidoo’s beta launch, some of its earliest lenses were already in the Google PageRAnk and are pulling in important search keywords referrals from other major search engines. Google’s liking for Squidoo makes many SEO outsourcing services, search engine marketers, and optimizers notice.
From an SEO’s point of view, a lens can be both a shortcut to getting newer websites indexed by the major search engines that are constantly crawling, which gives credit to Squidoo’s growing network, and it can also be much more than just a shortcut to subject on a focused theme.

Tweaks of SEO

Having used a lens for quite sometime, you will be aware that its rankings are never static. SEO companies believe that this is due to numerous factors and elements, and the most sign is that Squidoo is still growing which causes it to undergo a dynamic state of fluctuation.

This up-and- down ride is also partly due to the lens content’s freshness other tweaks of SEO companies. To avoid this, you are advised to always update your lenses at the same time maintaining its simplicity and professionality.

URL Management

Google engineer Matt Cutts said that “Google doesn’t algorithmically penalize for dashes in the URL,” thus there is nothing to worry and fret if your perfect lenses is already taken. You heard it right from an expert, don’t rely too much on something, try something new. The private Squidoo beta launched in October 2005, and already some of the earliest lenses have Google PageRank and are pulling in significant search keyword referrals from major engines. Google’s affinity for Squidoo is especially noteworthy, and many search engine marketers and optimizers are taking notice.

So a lens can be much more than just a shortcut to subject matter on a focused theme. From an SEO standpoint, it can also serve as a shortcut to getting newer websites indexed by search engines that regularly crawl – and give credence to – Squidoo’s growing network.