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sell without sellingThis is one of the concepts the new bloggers find really hard to understand. Sell without selling when you need to sell, sound like a contradiction from the first words to the last. Doesn’t it?

All the advice you’ve heard about hard selling you heard if true, never hard sell to strangers. Never be all and only about selling. No one will appreciate your presents. Help before you sell. Yes it’s all true.

But how the heck does “Sell without Selling” works, I can almost hear all of your screaming this question. Let’s look at the real, physical world. How does selling without selling work there? On the TV, a commercial, is it selling without selling? On the radio, a ad runs, is that selling without selling?  A clothing store, with a banner, “Blow Out Sale”, is it selling without selling? Yes it is!

It’s bring in the people who already want to buy. Come here if you want to buy. And come now. But, only if you want to buy. Everybody else this is probably not for you. It’s just the opposite of having to chase potential customers all the way home until they slam the front door in your face.

This is “Selling without Selling”. Bringing the buyers to you, not chasing after everyone you meet, trying to convenience them to buy.

Get it?  Am I making sense? Huge difference, right?

So how do you get buyers on the internet coming to you? You advertise, just like in the real physical world. The only difference is your advertizing takes on a different form and you do all the work yourself.

Write your articles, posts, about what buyers want or want to know about your product and then you promote it, all over the internet, Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Blogger, Technorati, and all the other social media sites. Write one article or post a day for a month and watch how much more traffic you’ll have coming to your site.

So Stop chasing and irritating everyone you meet. Filter out the interested people from the not interested. Start drawing them to you with your own TV commercial spots.

Of course this is a very basic explanation of how to Sell without selling. There is more that goes into it, but this is the foundation of the whole concept.