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How to Make Money with Your Email List


Making money from blogging does required many tasks from your side – it requires good email list management of your website visitors. As a webmaster, you need to have a viable means of having contact with your blog readers on cool offers on your website. You need means of announcing giveaways and special offers; you need to make them see your website as the main source of information they are really interested in.

I have been blogging more than a year now and during those years; I’ve been able to build four successful blogs in different niches solving people’s needs on daily basis. During the year, one of the best techniques I used to get that far is by having a viable email list for adding new subscribers to my blog email lists.

making money online

Having a great email list is a treasure that will result into money for you in the future. With email list, you have the right to contact your website readers at any time of the day about an update on your blog, special offers or any other information that you know they might like to learn about. Email list marketing is a great way for webmasters and bloggers to earn their living online simply by sharing with people they care most about – their blog readers of course.

In this article, I shall be sharing with you how to make money from your email list with techniques on how to improve email marketing faster. If you can read this post to the end, I believe you will have one or two things to gain from the post because it will surely help you build a successful email marketing campaign.

So, I’m ready to share four tips to help you make money from your email list starting from this very moment hassle-free.

Start Contest/Giveaways

Contest and special giveaway offers do converts well if you know how to do it well. The first contest that was held on my technology blog converts well more than any other contest in my blogging history because contest works!

If you have good things on offer for people participating in your contest, you could land yourself a big deal simply by gathering as many emails as possible from one single contest which you can later use to send regular emails to them with some promotional offers to get something back for yourself.

Write Definitive eBook and Give it away for Free

Provide a solution to your readers’ problems via an ebook and deliver it to them with request for them to subscribe to your email list before getting access to it. I have used this technique many times and it worked for me on some of my blogs.

Promote Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing have been for a very long time, and even, it is still going to be in existence for next decades to come because it offers bloggers and webmasters simpler ways to make money online doing what they love to do most, which is sharing good information with other peoples to help them solve one or two of their challenges.

If you can find the best trending products, making money from it won’t be a problem so far you have a good and responsive email list that you can promote the product for. Once you send them email, you must make sure that you have good tracking system in place to see how responsive your subscribers are to your offers. If they don’t respond, that means you are not touching them with the right offer – just change your approach and it will work.

In affiliate marketing, what you should be more concerned about is helping your readers get what they would love to have – you can do a poll to ask them what they want and they will surely reply.

Do Sponsored Promotion for your Subscribers

This is what I love most about John Chow; he loves to share things with his email list subscribers with partnership from advertisers. If you have good email list, you can get sponsors to promote their business in your email series. All you need to do is to have a line of text explaining your clients business to your email list subscribers and give them reason to check the sponsor’s business out. That’s all you need to make money from sponsor promotion to your email list.

These four steps were among the secrets behind my businesses progress because I used them often and often to promote my blog and my partners business and you should consider using the same strategy to make money from your email list while helping your subscribers.