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How to use Form Abandonment to Recover Distracted Conversions


Imagine this: You’re in a crowded grocery store, your 3 wonderful kiddos are magically adding things to the grocery cart.

You look down to see that it’s an email notification that you would like to read some more later. But for right now, you’ve got to figure out why there’s a rather large bag of Sour Gummy Worms in your cart (seriously, I had no clue they sold that many)

Or take a few seconds to look around your computer, right now. Think about how many distractions you have at work. All the emails, notifications, quick snippets of humor, gossip, and dings + bings + chirps + things pulling at your attention every moment.

They come from leads right? Those sales come from forms. Your revenue never actually comes in until you connect with that lead and make the relationship happen.

And that’s where the Abandoned Form Recovery feature for PentryForms comes in quite handy!

Remember people get busy. So, before you do anything else, be sure to look at this screenshot below from inside one of our stores.

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing customers drop out during the checkout process. Our platform sends triggered emails to remind customers what they’ve left behind and tempt them back to complete the purchase.

Retarget customers who browse your website and leave. Send automated emails that entice browsers back with items they recently viewed or related products they might be interested in. Highlight low stock levels and use countdown timers to increase urgency.