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Highest Paying Affiliate Programs: New Horizons for Webmasters


Affiliate Programs, also known as “Associate Programs” is an internet program that allows any online business to affiliate themselves with website owners using effective marketing strategies like internet advertisements. These program are arrangements in which an online Merchant website pays an affiliate website a certain commission for displaying advertisements on their websites. These affiliate websites post link to merchant site and are paid accordingly to a particular agreement. Usually, the affiliate is paid only when an actual sale is made by the Merchant as a result of their link.

affiliate programs

An Affiliate Programme is a great way to make money on the web. Recruiting affiliates is an excellent way to sell products online. It is also a cheap and effective Marketing Strategy. There are certain affiliate programmes that pay the highest commission

Here are top 5 highest paying affiliate programs running on Internet today:

  1. Amazon offers an amazing affiliate program called Amazon Associates. It has the most vast affiliate program, containing products from over 1.6 million vendors as well as thousands of affiliates. Unlike other affiliate programs, it pays for all the products that a visitor buys and not just for a specific product that the affiliate website advertises. Amazon is well known for its high commission rates and free of cost affiliate programs.
  2. Google Ad Sense: It is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn money by displaying relevant ads on wide variety of online contents such as Site Search Results, websites and Mobile WebPages and apps. But it is not an easy task. Building a content rich site is beneficial from Google point of view. Good contents hold the attention of the visitors and encourage them to click further in the webpage to explore them. It is advisable to follow Google Ad Sense program’s policies to a word, as breaking the rules will kill a lucrative revenue options.
  3.  Flipkart: It is the one of the most popular online shop available in India and also their affiliate programs is equally popular in India. It is done by placing product banners and the links on the websites of the affiliates to refer visitors to website. Their affiliate rates are different for different types of articles. For example, they only pay 1% on electronics but 10% on books. Payment is made by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). Anyone can join this program for free.
  4. Bharat Matrimony: This is one of the most trusted and the largest matrimony service in India. It pays 25% of commission to affiliates for every paid membership. But this only applicable for high quality free profile that comes through the site. Payment is made in every month. Sometimes the payment is as low as Rs. 200. But the real point of interest is that Bharat matrimony is truly good and has superb site for every visitor.


The affiliate networks mentioned above are some of the most reviewed networks and highest paying affiliate programs on the internet. Generally affiliate program are very helpful to promote various products and items over the net in a number of ways. There are massive benefits of getting affiliated to these networks. It helps the affiliates in gaining some extra income as well as the Online Merchants in promoting their products.