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Get Personal With Your LinkedIn Connections!



Imagine this: You’re at a conference and everyone is mingling and networking. You’re walking through the crowd and notice all the well-dressed people talking business, old friends catching up and introductions being made. Then you go up to a random group of people, hand each of them your business card and walk away. Maybe you knew some of them and maybe not. Maybe even shook a hand or two. Do you think they will want to be your friend? Do you think those people will want to connect with you in the future? Maybe, but maybe not.

What happens when you send a LinkedIn connection to someone you don’t know or have never met before? Do you just click “connect” or do you click “connect” and send a personal message as to why you want to connect? Something that resonates between us. When you walk up to me, hand me your card and walk away, I’m thinking you don’t care enough to say anything to me and that you’re also unprofessional. The same goes for sending LinkedIn connections. Why would I want to connect with you if you don’t tell me why we should connect? Even a simple hello works. Of course, this is only my opinion.

When people send me connections without a personal message, I typically respond before I connect just to see where our relationship is at. If it’s a blind connection with no intent to ever interact, then I won’t accept.

Sending a personal message to each new LinkedIn connection is a great way to strengthen a current relationship or even help build a new one. Plus, it shows you took the time to personally craft something for them.

Tell them why you want to connect. Let them know they are important to you. Continue to build on that relationship long after that first connection. Make each relationship count.