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Facebook Marketing Techniques For Fattening Your Wallet


facebook marketingMore than 8 in 10 females in the United States of America have created, at the minimum, a membership in one form of social media, online. Of those, 9.5 in 10 admit to being members of Facebook (FB). It is not only females and it is not only residents of the USA who are loving this social network. The phenomenon traverses the entire globe. This article is going to provide you with Facebook marketing techniques to take advantage of this movement.

Furthermore, at least 50% of online shoppers have FB accounts. This indicates that the majority of Facebook members are completely at ease spending money online. This social network boasts of six hundred million members and will surely top the billion mark in the not too distant future. Facebook either has almost as many daily visitors as Google, or they have already overtaken Google.

These statistics and a lot more we won’t go into here, are perfect reasons for why you need to use FB to help with your business and money making efforts. It’s funny to hear people say that since they have yet to get started, it must be too later. That’s silly. It’s completely untrue.

You can promote for free or with paid advertising, or a combination of both. Many marketers have quit spending money on Google Adwords, because they say the ROI, return on investment, is so much greater at FB. The primary reason for this is the ability to target ads based on information in members’ profiles.
Let’s say that you have a business that sells tiny little sweaters for tiny little doggies. You can make sure that the only people who get your ads, are those who used the word, chihuahua, when they created their personal profiles if you choose to utilize Facebook Marketing strategies. This is a rather astounding advancement in the field of targeted advertising. It is definitely new and exciting territory.

Of course, you can do Facebook marketing without ever spending a dime. Don’t send out affiliate links or ads to your local business to people who were nice enough to accept your invitations to be friends. You must be careful not to spam members, or you will get your account barred. Besides that, spamming isn’t going to work in the first place.

The idea in any social network is to make connections with like minded individuals. So seek out people who are interested in your niche, or niches, and make sure you have a page for them that is loaded with excellent content they will appreciate. This is how the viral magic of Facebook gets started. Whenever somebody “likes” your page, that gets posted on their profile.

Then when their friends visit their profile, they will be enticed to check out your page. If they end up liking your page, the cycle starts all over again. This is much better than merely sending out affiliate links to people who don’t know you. If you do that, no one will like you. Now you understand some fundamental Facebook marketing techniques.