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How To Add Your Magento Extension To The Marketplace


Magento 2 launching is among the reason why Magento developers made bold to introduce Magento Marketplace. It’s needed to be noted that this change is really great. It’s not just updating, it’s new product releasing.  It’s clear that having chosen this way of changes Magento developers have made a bold decision to push extensions market to a new level that should be more advanced than the previous it’s version. The following thing that should be focused on is to prepare your Magento extension for Marketplace several different steps are to be made. What are these steps? Let’s try to create an overall description of actions.

Despite the new and fresh ideas resulting into Marketplace, there are some issues that make the extension developers work up a sweat. The main change here is that all the purchases are processed by Marketplace. There is no need to build an additional custom made block where the extensions can be bought. This specification is what should be in extension developers’ focus.

New Marketplace’s central focus is improving the general extensions’ quality. It means that developers should do all their best to provide Magento Marketplace with only proficient extensions. But actually, it means that extensions are to be created with the best security practices implementation and their priority aim is to decide significant business issues. That was a piece of information for the general concept to understand. As an example let’s take a look at Aheadworks Reward Points extension or another great extension Magento Layered Navigation.

Now the time of details has come. How to prepare Magento extension for Marketplace?

  • After logging on Magento Marketplace web site extension .zip package should be uploaded to the Marketplace providing it with all required information.
  • After the extension is successfully submitted, the corresponding email is sent to the developer. Concerning the extension approval period, Magento team is doing its best to shorten this period.
  • But during or after the technical review that is the following step, needed marketing details should be added in order to promote the product in a proper way. It means that brief and clear descriptions, screenshots, video and pricing information are uploaded.
  • Then the extension receives an approval from the technical team, marketing review is started. The main condition here is the extension unique brand.

Bammo! Congratulations! At last at the end of these numerous approving steps, the extension appears in Magento Marketplace.

The new Marketplace is a proper mean to push new products closer to the users. It guarantees coding standards and high quality of the extensions. And to prepare the Magento extension for the Marketplace is a piece of a cake for the unique and exclusively effective extension providers.