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6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Instagram


instagram marketingInstagram is an image-based social network that operates on your smartphone and tablet. While you can check your feed online, you need a smartphone or tablet device to actually upload to the network. You can like, follow and even comment on other Instagram users’ posts. While it used to be primarily personal, these days Instagram is seeing more businesses using their service. If your business isn’t on Instagram, now is the time to sign up. Then, you’ll want to optimize your profile so you get the most out of it.

Show Off Your Products

Instagram is a great way to show off your products. Encourage users to window shop virtually and check out your latest arrivals. Be conversational and don’t act like you’re selling straight from Instagram. Leave a link and people will come to your site or store for the sales pitch.

Show Off Your Staff

Instagram is a great way to personalize your brand. Show off your team members, post pictures of your people in action and really show that there are real people representing your brand.

Show Your Stuff in Action

Showing product pictures from your site or the manufacturer’s catalog is not interesting. Instead, show your products in real life and doing what they’re supposed to do. For example, you sell ties. Show your ties on models or a person in real life. If you sell makeup, show your makeup products in action and even show tutorials on how to use them. Videos are allowed on Instagram too, which means you can post a video tutorial for your followers to see.

Engage with Followers

Don’t just post and run. Engage your followers, like their photos and even leave comments. The more present you are on Instagram, the more attention your brand will get.

Show People How It’s Made

There’s nothing better than a behind the scenes photo. Perhaps you make custom shirts, so why not show the screen printing process. Got a new product coming out? You can start building anticipation for that product by showing the process of how it is being made —get people excited about the unveiling.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and of course, Instagram. Use relevant, trending hashtags for each post you make. Don’t forget to hashtag your brand so you can start creating your own following and hashtag line.

While Instagram may be newer than other social networks, it is one of the fastest growing networks out there. If you’re not on Instagram, now is the time to get started and really show off your brand, products and what you can do for your customers.