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Weebly vs WordPress


Building a website has indeed become a simple task give the fact that there are quite a number of platforms that one can use to design a website in a short period of time. Content management system is one such website building platform that is widely available for both beginners and professional designers. Talking about content management system you will get to realize that there are also quite a number of them in the market. Our concentration however, will be on weebly vs. wordpress. It is pretty hard to do a comparison of these two website building platform given that both of them addresses different market segments despite the fact that both are tools used for web publishing. Weebly simply uses a simple to use drag-and-drop user interface while wordpress is basically a theme-based blogging platform that also provides numerous features that can be used to build web pages. Therefore, in looking at weebly vs. WP, it will be necessary to look at some aspects that help in distinguishing the two platforms.

Weebly vs. WP on skill level

You can learn weebly in a matter of hours and create a website and have it running in no time. Taking days to learn this you will have become a professional and thus, able to utilize that different features that weebly has to create a website that has a professional look. In comparison to weebly, wordpress takes some time to learn especially if you are new to the world of CMS and blogging, however, if you are a little tech savvy in CMSs you might need just a few days to get the hang of wordpress.


In terms of features, when you put weebly vs. wordpress on a scale then wordpress will definitely carry the day. Weebly has very few features that basically work for those who want to put up a website quickly without having to learn much. WordPress has quite a number of features such as related posts, Private Blogs, Page management, File management, User Management, Granular setting, and Advanced Traffic Statistic among others. These features makes wordpress score high in terms of flexibility despite the fact that it can take quite some time to get to understand and use these features effectively.

Weebly vs. WP on usage

As far as usage is concerned, weebly is easier as compared to wordpress, with the WYSIWYG editor weebly, you can easily modify content. As a matter of fact, some experts say that weebly can be learnt in an hour. On the other hand to make the most of wordpress, one will have to spend some time learning most of the features. Another thing you should learn about is is wordpress security issues.

Resources Usage

Helpful resources are very vital in any aspect of life and this is no different when it comes to weebly vs. wordpress. Once is a while you will need help on a concept and that’s is why you need a platform that has several resource base. In comparison to weebly, wordpress has a lot of forums and tutorials that will assist you in building your website or a blog