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Website Monitoring Tools


site monitoringFor people who work and make their living online, their website is a vital part of their business and their success. As such, monitoring for downtime is a must. Since it is impossible to monitor the downtime of your website manually, you can make use of website monitoring tools to help you keep track of downtime and alert you when they happen. A lot of these website monitoring tools come with features such as sending you an email or an SMS on your mobile phone whenever your website goes down. These tools also provide you information as to why your site is down. There are also some premium website monitoring tools that come with an iPhone app that will monitor all of your websites for you.

Let’s check out a few website monitoring tools and services you should consider to keep track of your website’s downtime.

Are My Sites Up?

Are My Sites Up? is a paid website monitoring tool which will alert you via email and/or SMS whenever your website is down. It also comes with an iPhone app that will monitor your website remotely. Additional features of this website monitoring tool include:

  • The ability to add 25 websites with HTTPS support with the starter plan
  • This tool will provide you the reason why your website is down
  • Are My Sites Up? offers affordable pricing plans
  • You can receive alerts whenever your website is down right to your mobile phone
  • Instant downtime check using your RSS feed
  • Comes with an iPhone app that will monitor all of your websites
  • A 30 day money back guarantee

Website Hosting Paradise

websitehostingparadise.comWHP is known for being one of the best malware cleanup tools for any web platform. Their website monitoring tool is also great for informing you of any malware attack on your site along with the steps you need to take action. WHP is a little expensive, but it does offer the most comprehensive plan against malware along with downtime monitoring.

Some of the features of WHP include:

  • Website monitoring and malware scanning in one
  • Scheduled checks
  • The malware tool with Sucuri works with all CMS
  • Comes with a malware tool that will remove malware on any and all of your websites


PIngdom is a gree website monitoring tool that comes with different plans to suit different types of users. The dashboard of Pingdom comes with everything you need from a free website monitoring tool. Compared to the paid plans that Pingdom offers, Are My Sites Up? is still a more affordable choice. However, the free version of Pingdom is already a good choice.

Some of the features that Pingdom offers include:

  • A risk free trial offer for their paid plans
  • A free account, but with less features than the paid ones
  • A dedicated iPhone app
  • A desktop notifier
  • A Pingdom API which you can build custom applications on top of Pingdom

Site 24/7

Site 24/7 comes with a great pricing plan and is considerably affordable, particularly if you’re looking for a way to monitor your websites in a short period of time. There are pricing plans offered from a free account to $1/month per website. The prices increase depending on the add-ons you choose, and this is a great choice if you do not want to spend too much on yearly package plans. All of the premium plans of Site 24/7 comes with a 15 day trial account. Some of the features that Site 24/7 offer include:

  • Reports for website monitoring
  • Alerts that can be sent through Twitter, SMS, RSS, and email
  • Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Availability view based on location


If you’re looking for an affordable website monitoring tool, SiteUptime is a great choice. SiteUptime comes with both a free and a paid plan. The free plan offers monitoring of just one website with 30/60 minute checks as well as uptime reports. With the paid plan, you get SMS alters as well as SSL monitoring which is great for websites for small businesses. Some of the features of SiteUptime include:

  • A free account you can use to monitor one website
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Multiple alert contacts
  • A demo of the control panel

Final Words

I may have missed a few great website monitoring tools, but the five listed above are the ones I have personally tried, and some are highly recommended by my friends who have used these tools. If you know of a great website monitoring tool that is not in the list above, do let us know by leaving a comment below.