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Top Image Gallery Plugins for WordPress


image gallery pluginYou can improve the WordPress site’s visibility or popularity by displaying the images/photos with better effect. To achieve this, you need to install a good photo gallery plugin to your WordPress site. If you have been searching for the top image gallery plugins, you have reached the right place. Just keep on reading the article to find the best plugins.


The specialty of SharePrints gallery plugins is its easy-to-use setting, and offers absolute interactive gallery feature. It is fully responsive, and offers range of gallery that includes well-known slider and masonry layouts. Additionally, this plugins also offer some social features like intuitive social sharing and image commenting.

NextGEN Gallery

This is the most popular and widely used gallery plugins at present. It has earned average star rating of 4/5 and has been downloaded for more than 10 million times. The most positive trait about NextGen is that it is under active improvisation. Its free version is also updated with new features like watermarking, Pinterest style gallery, lightboxes, slideshows and many more.  Their latest pro version has been updated with e commerce, which allows the professional photographers to sell their work directly from their WordPress site.

Envira Gallery

Envira is new addition to the list of premium gallery plugins. This plugins has been gaining huge popularity these days because of its neat look and easy manageable interface. It has clean code and runs faster and effective in range of browsers. Plus, it also has ‘add-on’ feature, which allow you to add some more functions to the core plugins.

FooBox Galleries

This premium plugins features beautiful slideshow functionality and integrated social sharing feature. FooBox provide social sharing icon button for each image, allowing quick and easy image sharing and smart captioning.


Developed by bestwebsoft, the Gallery plugin allows your website to have as many as image galleries you want. Allows creating any number of albums in gallery, set images to album covers, add description to each album and many more.

Photospace Gallery

The specialty of this plugin is that it simply makes use of built-in features of WordPress automatically. This plugin allows you to upload multiple images at a time, order image through drag/drop, add captions, titles and descriptions.

Simplest Gallery Plugin

As the name says, this is a simple plugin that is easy to use with many but worthy/attractive features. It is available for free. The speciality of Simplest Gallery Plugin is it works seamlessly with main gallery component. This plugin also offers gallery styles such as coverflow style, lightboxes, and side scrolling thumbnails.


This plugins provides wide range of players and templates to choose and also provides users to customize and manage galleries directly from their website. It offers caption, description functionality and works on all mobile platforms.

Awesome Flickr Gallery

This plugins allows you to easily create gallery using your Flickr photos. It offers private and public photo display options, intuitive menus, multiple sorting options and many more.

WP Easy Gallery

This easy-to-use plug has simple admin interface that allows you to create and manage multiple image galleries.