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Why People Choose WordPress for Their Websites?


wordpress cmsWe always recommend WordPress for the control factor. Whether you run your site or we manage it for you, WordPress offers easy control over what will be on your site.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is web based software you can use to create a blog or a website. Over 25 million people have made WordPress the top content management system in the world.

The WordPress platform, themes and plugins are built by thousands of people from all over the world. This has allowed WordPress to blossom and produce unbelievable beautiful sites, yet functional sites, that anyone can learn to run. From e-commerce stores to personal blogs, this platform offers more than you can imagine.

Because your site is web based, you can run your site from any computer. Just imagine sitting at Grandma’s on Thanksgiving making a quick update you forgot to make on your site. Maybe running your site from your cellphone is more your ideal scene.

WordPress.Com or WordPress.Org?

WordPress has two divisions. is a free division that is easy to setup and use. It is a very good choice for those of you who just want a great looking site that is easy to run.

But, has it’s limitations; you do not own your own domain, you are limited in themes and you can not monetize a site.

We recommend using because, “You have total control over your site.”

What Does Have To Offer?

The possibilities on a site are almost limitless. Developers have created beautiful themes for all types of sites which include: Real estate, Medical, Photography, Beauty, Health, and Personal.

You own your site. You now own your very own piece of real estate on the Word Wide Web. You have an address which is a URL, (Uniform Resource Locator.) For example my URL is

You are on your own hosting account. Your sites information is kept on great big web servers and makes you site accessible on the Internet. Your information is stored in an actual physical location. You could consider it as rent. You are paying rent on that computer server space.

WordPress sites are built using Cascade Style Sheets (CSS). This gives your site its look and format. Basically, it separates the code and makes your site easy to run. You do not need to know code. You just point, click and type your message. It’s called: (WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get.)

wordpress editor

By using CSS, WordPress has created a system that you, the blogger, can easily manage, it’s called CMS.

Content Mangement System (CMS) – A content management system sets up the criteria for how web content is accessed and revised. It also determines who runs it.

A CMS is designed to simplify the publication of web content to web sites and mobile devices. You can create and submit content, video and images without knowing code. You do not need the services of a webmaster every time you need to make changes on your site.

  • You can write and rewrite your web content and publish on line in just a few minutes.
  • You can easily load video and pictures for the world to see.
  • You determine who has access to your site.
  • You determine where you want you site to be hosted. (Hosting makes your Web site visible to the world, it has to be hosted on a Web server.)

CONTROL – Bottom line it comes down to control. You control your site.

WebPress can help you get started with your very own WordPress site. You can be in the drivers seat or we will run your site for you (perfect for business professionals, like contractors, doctors and dentists).

What Is A WordPress Plugin?

What is a WordPress Plugin? Before we get to that…let’s define a couple of WordPress hallmarks so you will have a better understanding on “why” WordPress uses plugins.

Think of the WordPress publishing platform as foundation of your website. It’s a little like building a home, you must have a foundation before you can begin to build. In a home, you know there are basics that will be always be included such as plumbing, electricity, and a heating and cooling system etc. These considerations are standard in order to make the home work efficiently and be comfortable for you and your family.

WordPress publishing platform which already has the necessary basics in place to make your website work efficiently so you’re not building the entire site from scratch.

wordpress plugins

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are the little extras you can use to customize your website to make it work more efficiently or respond differently or appear differently than the theme you apply.

In your home, you have basic plumbing, but you add a water purifier because you want your water system to work more efficiently. You have a gas line into your home to fuel your furnace and stove, however you add a gas fireplace because it’s a little extra you would enjoy in your family room. Those additions make your home more efficient and enjoyable.

Plugins serve the same purpose. They give you the opportunity to customize your site hundreds of ways. A plugin is a little additional code added to your platform, so your site will work and react in different ways.

Some plugins increase your SEO so the search engines can find you easier. Some plugins keep spam from coming into your comment area. Other plugins can put a video or a slide show on your site. Another plugin will automatically back up your website date so you won’t loose it.

There are hundreds of plugins available. Just about anything you want your site to do, you can find a plugin that will allow it to happen. One of the nice thing about a plugin is, you can install it yourself without calling a webmaster.

Because WordPress development is open source, it gives any tech developer the opportunity to write code for a plugin. Hundreds of plugins have been written so there is a world of plugins to choose from. Some plugins are free and others will cost you a fee. It depends upon the functionality and the developer.

WordPress Themes

A theme is the way the your blog is displayed. It’s how your site is presented to the reader. A theme has often been called a “skin” or “dressing” because it’s the visual part of your site. It doesn’t change underlying software of your blog. However, each theme or “skin” may offer it’s own unique features, such as the ability to customize colors, headers, etc.

The nice thing about using a WordPress platform is, you can change your theme or “skin” as often as you like with out disturbing your pages, posts or the behind the scenes basic operation of your site.

If you’re going to keep your site simple, such as a personal blog, a free theme will certainly do the trick. If at a later time, you want a more complex site, you can always purchase a Premium or Pro Theme and dress your old posts, pages and basic operation with a new “Skin” or “Dressing.” Yeah WordPress!

wordpress themes
Premium or Pro Themes

A Premium or Pro Theme is one that is purchased from a “Theme Developer.” The theme gives you many more options for customizing your site. These themes will generally allow you to change the format, adjust the header, change colors, add video and many other features of your blog.

A Premium theme generally offers support in case you run into difficulty in changing the theme features. A Premium or Pro Themes usually cost any where from $30.00 to $250.00 depending upon the developer and the features offered.

Choosing Your Theme

Choosing a theme will depend upon the purpose of your blog. Will your blog be very simple with just few pages and posts? If you’re going to keep your site simple, such as a personal diary blog, a free theme will certainly do the trick.

If at a later time, you want to add features your free theme does not permit, you can always purchase a Premium or Pro Theme and dress your old posts, pages and basic operation with a new “Skin” or “Dressing.”

However, if your site promotes your business, or the site is your business, you would do well to purchase a Premium or Pro Theme right from the beginning. Business sites usually require a customized format to meet the needs of the individual business. A Premium Theme will allow many more page complexities than a free theme. We call it “going deep” because the site may have many pages and posts that will link back and forth.

Understanding the purpose of your blog will help you determine whether a free theme is adequate or if you need to invest in a Premium or Pro Theme.