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Why You Need A Website And Blog


websiteWhether you are a small business person, an author, writer, artist, counselor, non-profit, or an enthusiast or expert in any field, you should have a web site. This may be for business development, communication with existing clients, or just a place to organize and publish information. Many people are not aware how they could benefit from having this online presence.

When you add a blog to your website, you make it more dynamic and interesting. A blog enables you to publish the kind of information that keeps your readers and clients returning to see what is new.

A Blog Allows Your Readers To Know You

By posting original content to your website on a regular basis, you allow your readers to get to know you. Because people prefer doing business with people they know, this gives you an advantage over traditional advertising and marketing.

For example, just by reading some of my articles on this site, you will start to form an idea about who I am and how I work. If it is a favorable impression that has been formed, and you decide to use my services, we are very likely to have a positive and mutually rewarding relationship. Make use of this powerful tool and you will see your business increase.

Dynamic Content Leaves The Competition Behind

Write and post a few good articles on your area of expertise, and you will be ahead of many of the other blogs and websites on the web. Then, if you continue to post a few new, quality articles each month, you will have an advantage over almost all of the others. A website and blog is a dynamic duo, and professionally designed WordPress installation is the perfect, affordable, tool to get you the customized web presence you need.