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Italian startup offer both Trump and Biden the opportunity to use augmented reality in political campaigns


Italian startup Augmented.City has reached out to both US President Donald Trump and Democrat Joseph Biden to offer the use augmented reality features in their upcoming election campaigns.

This startup was born in Italy; the team has developed free applications for creating and displaying augmented reality layers. Users of any mobile device supporting AR can freely scan any objects and add any markers and signs, which will be visible to anyone with an AR device in hand.

Nowadays, Augmented Reality is already supported by tech giants – Google and Apple. The company from Cupertino is also planning to release its own special glasses with AR support, and the team claims this will make AR widespread and extremely popular. Italian developers are absolutely sure that AR will become a magic wand helping businesses recover after the COVID-19 pandemic, and providing complete freedom of speech to regular users.

Augmented.City apps allow users to create and place virtual labels announcements or signs right on the walls of any building. This is a brand new way for people to freely share their opinions and thoughts or express themselves without moderation or censorship.

In their message to US politicians, Augmented.City Team emphasizes that that AR technology provides new modern means of communication with voters. Augmented reality might become a powerful alternative to social networks and revolutionize classic media.

“Using AR in the election campaign opens a new way of communication with the voters and provides an unlimited board for people’s opinions. Augmented reality allows you to put up creative messages, lead discussions linked to certain areas or objects on the map. More importantly, censorship, influence of political parties or media just do not exist in AR. Augmented reality is open to any thoughts or political views,” said Augmented.City developers.

They say that AR needs to be demonstrated and promoted; political campaigns are perfectly suitable to achieve that. This will immediately highlight the unknown before level of freedom of speech, and will make the newest technologies serve businesses and societies all over the world.