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Internet Marketing & Advertising


internet marketing

Finding new ways to reach out to your customers has been found in the form of internet advertising. This is not like your average approach to marketing your company and products as it is all done online where you will not even have a sheet of paper to sign or to mail. Most of the common forms used in this advertising world consist of pay-per-click ads, e-newsletters, and banner advertising. However as SEO continues to grow; new strategies are being added and old ones are being updated or ignored altogether.

The Online Version

The major different between your printed ads that are mailed and the ads that you post online is simply the way the message is delivered. You can easily use the same ad for a print marketing program as you can with your online marketing program. The goal is to have valuable information that pertains to your customers needs versus an ad that is too cluttered with fonts, words, and colors.

Drive to Action

When you turn toward SEO, your main goal is to create catchy ads that really cause the customers to take some type of action. Your ads need to be creative and clear but they must also be positioned properly in order to gain the customers attention. This process will involve doing some market research to know your audience and to find out the keywords and search terms they use when shopping for information pertaining to your business industry. Using these keywords, you can add them to your promotions and sign up with a pay-per-click program to have these ads displayed when a person uses the matching search terms. In order for you to bring in the right traffic, position your ads on websites that have content related to your site. This will help to bring the right niche market traffic to your website where they are invited to learn more.

Advertising Methods

While pay-per-click ads are usually the go-to method for many people, there are so many other options available to market online. Some of these include the following:

  • Social media marketing
  • Guest blog posting
  • Press Releases
  • Website optimization (title tags, meta tags, etc.)
  • Email marketing

No matter how amazing your ads are, they will be of no use without the right keywords linked to them. The landing page your ads are directed to must correspond with the ads and they must be able to help your customers to do something once they have clicked on the ad.

Manage your Reputation

One key element to consider when dealing with internet marketing is to manage your reputation. Find out what people are saying about your business on Google and within blog forums and chat rooms. Learning to link to the right ads is another aspect of managing your reputation. If you send customers to the wrong links all the time or you mislead them with the links you post, it will damage your reputation.

internet marketing

New Ways To Use Internet Marketing

Using online advertising is one of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website. Web analysts have been searching for new methods that can improve the websites of small business owners and others and thanks to so many search engine directories; internet marketing is predicted to continue growing at a rapid pace. There is close to 7 billion dollars invested into the world of online marketing each year. Due to this many companies have created new programs that are free for basic services to small business owners but can increase the rates over time as the traffic to their sites improves. Here are just a few of the new programs you may need to add to your SEO agenda:

  • Mobile targeting
  • Paid search
  • Local online marketing
  • Social media
  • Blog linking
  • Content marketing

One of the programs that is really seeing a boost in traffic is Google Places. Using this listing, small businesses are finding a way to compete with larger companies without an expensive marketing budget. Google Places is free to use and it is frequently used by mobile customers that are looking for directions to local businesses and their information. Google allows coupons and other promotions to be placed on the site as well. This type of internet marketing allows business owners to connect their online ads to their offline promotions and boost their sales.

Since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, online advertising has taken a new turn and some businesses are finding it quite challenging to compete and to maintain high levels of web traffic. Outsourcing services to SEO companies is an effective way to help with the web traffic and to find local customers that are interested in small businesses. Local search is one of the fastest-growing marketing programs thanks in part to the mobile users. With the right type of website optimization and helpful marketing tactics, driving local business to your organization can be easy to do.

Press releases still maintain a high standard for internet marketing needs. These releases can be picked up by local newspapers, which are indexed by the search engines. This makes it easy to get your business information out there and to show up in news feeds on Google News, Bing, Yahoo, and many other search engines. Customers in other countries can easily access the information from a press release, which doesn’t cost a business owner a dime to write or to market.