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What Hubpage Can Do to Attract Traffic


hubpagesFor internet users and enthusiasts, hubs are basically write-ups/articles on just about everything under the sun.. Writers and authors can compose write-ups or articles about subjects or themes they are onto, are interested in or even about products that need endorsements and promotions..

We call the smaller sections of hubs which have been broken down as “capsules.” These capsules may contain text, a photo, links, income-generating schemes, etc., which shall be discussed further in the succeeding paragraphs.

Traffic of your site can either search for hubs on a specific subject or topic or they can visit the main page to see what are the latest and top ranked topics. Category and everything that are related to it can be accessed by clicking the Topics tab.

Using Hubpages to Promote Your Business

Using Hubpages is a beneficial and excellent way to promote your Internet home-based business website. Below are the main benefits website owners and users could get if they use hubpages:

  • You can put direct links either to your Internet home-based business web pages or your blog to attract and get visitors or traffic.
  • You can either promote your own products, affiliate products or even your Internet home-based business website.
  • The probability of improving your Pagerank is also increased. Your post is almost sure to have a pagerank in about 10 weeks because the older version of Hubpage jumps pagerank every quarter.
  • Hubpage can help in improving your own Internet home-based business website’s search engine rank position such as in Google, and Yahoo.
  • You can be able to observe your day-to-day visitors and their bases, and then you can apply for Google Analytics, and have your unique ID activated.
  • And using Hubpages can help you utilize social media marketing such as Stumble and Digg which could boost traffic if you request or ask them to spread around your Hub through stumbling and digging on it.

Creating your initial hub page is easy and does not require a lot of time. The best part is that you do not need to to know anything about HTML or any other technical stuff relating to hub page making.

Four Simple Steps/Ways to Create Your Hub:

  1. First, you need to Create an Account.
  2. Second, Choose a Heading for your Hub, and then you need to add tags or keywords that can best identify your Hub.
  3. Add and Create the content capsules of your choice and fill them with anything that suits your fancy.
  4. The last step is Publishing your Hub.

There are other benefits you can get out of Hubpages if you use it to promote your Internet home-based. One of these benefits is that it not only help you generate a profitable income from your Hubpage but at the same time you are promoting your own website.

Guides or Steps to Follow to Generate Income on Hubpages

  1. First you need to sign up or set up an affiliate account with Google, Ebay and Amazon. For each affiliate ID application, certain requirements must be submitted. For Ebay affiliate ID, you are required to have a Commission Junction Account and for Amazon, requirement is an Associate Program ID.
  2. Remember that capsules are available to offer ads and products geared to the hub topic. Whenever adds are clicked on or products are bought, you are assured of earning a percentage.
  3. Signing up a new member entitles you to earn from their clicks, since, Hubpages also does offer an affiliate program.

Therefore, to be able to discover what Hubpages can do for your own Internet Home-based business website, start your own Hubpage NOW!