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Why to Choose PHP for Designing Web Pages


Today internet has been used in every aspect and so the websites. There are many website development tools used today and PHP is one among them. PHP is at the top of the list for website development technologies. Here you will get to know the reason behind why PHP is used in such greater extent for website development.

php development

PHP can be used on any operating systems or platforms available today all over the world. It includes Linux, UNIX and its variants like (HP-UX, Open BSD and Solaris), RISC operation system, Mac OS X and Windows Operating system. With the increased websites, today we can see many web servers being developed for hosting the websites. PHP has got the ability to support most of the web servers available today. It may be an Apache, Oreilly Pro Server, Xitami, Microsoft’s Internet Information Server, Caudium, Omni HTTPd, Netscape and iPlanet and any personal web servers.

Using PHP a developer can develop the websites purely based on procedural programming or Object oriented programming or a mixture of both. This has helped many developers to design and develop the websites with ease. Mainly PHP is used for server side scripting for which you need to have web server, PHP parser and web browser. On PHP parser it is essential to type in the PHP code and put it on to the web server where it will be translated to PHP page. Now you can use the browser to view the page developed using PHP. It is also possible to run the PHP scripts without using the server and browser. You can use the parser to just execute the scripts which need to be regularly executed by making use of cron or Task scheduler. These kinds of scripts are most commonly used for text processing.

Websites designed by using PHP are treated by browsers by normal HTML page but they have got superior features which can improve the look and feel of the websites. Using PHP you can output images and flash videos along with normal text. PHP can support different databases like MS-SQL, Oracle, SQLite, IBM DB, Sybase, Adabas D, File Pro, UNIX dbm, Ingress and Empress. The protocols supported by PHP are LDAP, POP3, HTTP, IMAP, SNMP, and many others. With all these flexibility for websites designing, it is best to choose PHP for designing websites, so that you can stand out very well in the competitive internet world.