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Best Image Slider Plugins for WordPress


wordpress pluginWordPress is an open blogging system which is also a used in content management.  This is one of the most popular blogging websites that is available online as there are more than sixty million websites based on it. When anyone creates a website, care is taken that it should have very good quality contents in it. But that is not all. If a website had only contents, it will become boring for the readers. So, we also add images and videos to make it more interesting for the viewers. Image slider plugins, as the name indicates, helps in constantly changing the images that are on any website.

There are numerous options to look at if you want to close in on an image slider plugin for your WordPress website. Are you new here and not sure as to which one out of these thousands would be suitable for you? Here are some of the best image slides plugins that will make your job easy.


Soliloquy is one of the well established image slider plugins that are available in the market.  One main disadvantage of image slider plugins is that if it is not coded properly, it could increase the loading time of the website page. Soliloquy has a very good coding and hence the page loading time is just a little more than one second. Since the loading time is pretty fast, it makes it easy for the viewers to see the images as and when they are reading the contents. Soliloquy is also one of the easiest and simpler image sliders that you can come across. Even if you are a first time user, you can easily upload the image slider onto your website without much difficulty. Soliloquy is also completely responsive as well.

Creative Image Slider

Creative Image Slider, as the name indicates has added a bit of creativity to the normal image-slider plug-ins; it comes with visual effects. The sliders can be created in a matter of seconds as there is not much coding involved. The disadvantage is that it increases the page loading time and hence a website with a creative image slider takes more time to load than that with a Soliloquy. Horizontal scrolling and pop-ups are some of the add-ons you can get with a creative image slider. It also has a live preview option from which you can create image sliders as per your wish without the need for much coding. If you are a newcomer, then you may find creative image slider to be more complicated than Soliloquy.

In addition to Soliloquy and Creative Image Slider, there are other options like Nivo slider and Meteor. In comparison, Nivo slider has a better page load time than Meteor. Nivo slider also sends more requests than Meteor for a page size of 1.4 MB. Meteor slides have mobile responsive themes as it can adapt to fit into any kind of device that is being used by the viewer. There are many more image slider plugins in the market and you can choose that which is convenient for you.