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5 Reasons to Avoid Template Websites


web design template

Thanks to WordPress and hundreds of available templates, a business can set up a website in just a few minutes, shelling out little to no money. But the old adage, “You have to spend money to make money” definitely applies here. In today’s economy, businesses are interested in connecting with high-dollar customers, but a cheap website will bring in low-budget shoppers at best.

Still, many businesses are choosing template websites, not realizing the downfalls. Here are a few reasons you should avoid choosing a free or cheap website for your business.

Template Sites = Template Look

While template sites often have variety in colors and design, many share the same basic concept. When you choose a free or inexpensive template, you’re one of possibly thousands of businesses using that design. Not only could you customers see your page as unoriginal, you may find your competition has an identical design.

Lack of Flexibility

Everything about your business is unique. Just as you strive to capture your business’s style in your print materials, your website should make that same first impression. While some templates can be customized, many business owners lack the technical knowledge necessary to make in-depth changes. As your business grows, you’ll need a website that will grow with you and, chances are, a template will lock you into a look that can’t be updated over time.

Poor Security

When you download a free or inexpensive template, you’re never quite sure what you’re getting. Your site could have a wide-open back door, welcoming hackers in to take over your site. By hiring a professional website designer to custom-design a site for your business, you’ll be less prone to attacks that target a wide range of sites using the same template.


Professional designers live and breathe the market. They’ve studied the industry and are well-versed in techniques to improve customer engagement. The average person may not be aware that certain colors are more likely to prompt a customer to buy than others or that mascots are a great way to brand your business. When you hire a professional website designer to create your site, you’re paying for their industry expertise in addition to their design talents.

Time is Money

How much could you earn in the time you spend searching for a template and trying to rework it to include the colors and fonts you prefer? That’s time you could spend networking, landing new clients, and tending to the business of running your own business. By turning design over to the pros, you can work hard to position your business to recoup the cost before you’ve earned the first dollar through the site.

With so many templates and DIY options available, it’s tempting to get started on your own. Web designers, after all, often charge in the thousands of dollars and at the beginning, money is often limited. But since your website speaks for you, a well-designed site can make the difference between earning and losing customers. A small up-front expense can pay big dividends as your business begins to grow.