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5 Essential Plugins For Your WordPress Blog


wordpress pluginWordPress is one of the most used blogging sites and it is as simple to use. If you are about to start your first WordPress blog, then all you have to do is make sure that these top five essential plug-ins are a part of your WordPress blog and then all you have to concentrate would only be the contents.

Social Media

You would have often heard that this is the era of the social media. People have an irresistible urge to update everything in social media and this can become your advantage. You should have a social media plug in so that you can improve your contacts and the chances of more people visiting and reading your blogs. You can also go in for pop-up chats with the visitors and that would give them a personal touch.


Comments is a very important plug-in that you need to ensure that your viewers are able to leave their thoughts behind. Comments can be positive or negative and will surely influence the way in which you write your upcoming articles. WordPress has its own comments feature that can be used as a newbie. But if you are looking at something more extensive then you would surely need an additional plug-in that is meant just for comments.

Comments Spam Protection

Every comment that you get may not be a genuine one. There are a lot of spammers on the internet who just post comments so as to improve the trafficking on their links or just to promote their affiliate marketing. There are a lot of bulk mails and comments that are being sent. To ensure that this does not happen to your website, one has to install the comments spam protection plug-ins so that all the spam can be filtered out.

Contact Us

Every visitor to your site or blog is there for a reason and you would love to establish contact with them. Contact us is a plugin that will help you do just that. Again it would help to add a Captcha plugin as well to ensure that there is no spam in this as well.

WordPress Database Backup

You might be wondering as to how a database backup plug-in would be of much help for a new WordPress blog. Whatever be the age of the blog, it is highly important that you take the back-up of the database so that you do not lose all your content in the event of a WordPress failure. Be it just one article or hundreds of articles, if you lose them, it will take the same amount of time to recreate the same if you do not have a proper backup.

These are the basic plug-ins that you would need to start your own WordPress website or blog. Of course, there are plenty of other options which you can explore as well. Start with the basics and later you can extend and expand your page as much as you want and sky’s the limit.