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12 Effective Tips To Increase The Conversion Rate Of Landing Pages


conversion rateIf you are looking to maximize your sales, it is mandatory that you opt for the best tips and guidelines that can help in increasing the conversion rate of your landing pages. Follow the tips provided below and you are likely to feel the change in profit levels for your firm.

Catchy Headline

Always make it a point to incorporate a catchy headline on the landing page as it will ensure that customers would be intrigued and they would navigate the rest of the site rather than skipping the website and moving to other search results.

Free Offers

If you want to increase the conversion rates, make sure to give free offers. Rather than having a simple “submit” button, keep buttons like “click to get the book for free”. It is human psychology to grab the free offers and thus would ensure that people stay on your site.

Rich Interface

A rich interface is not an option but a prime requisite. If you do not have an interactive and rich interface, you would be losing a lot of customers. So, design your pages keeping the needs and requirements of the customer in mind.

Text Design

The format and color of the text that you use on the landing pages is of paramount importance because these small things can help in pushing up your conversion rate significantly. The landing page should be such that the customers are enticed to view more.

Engaging Graphics

It is always believed that visual illustration lasts for a longer time than textual matter. So, incorporate engaging graphics that shall catch the attention of customers and shall thereby aid in enhancing the conversion rates.

Interesting Videos

Videos have often contributed in driving up sales. Make sure that your landing page has the right type of videos that is so designed that customers shall look through the entire video. If you can convince your customers with the video, your sales level is bound to increase.

Use Testimonials

Testimonials are the best way of convincing the customers. Make sure to highlight positive testimonials on the landing page itself.

Easy and quick download

Make sure that your landing page downloads quickly. Users hate to wait for a site that takes a lot of time to download. So, check these connectivity issues beforehand.

Power Logo

A logo often gets associated with the name of the brand. So, you should make sure that you have the right type of logo for your firm which people would like and can associate with your brand name. A good brand logo can push your sales margin.

Pick the Right Colors

The colors that you incorporate on the landing page are significant. Make a market assessment, check successful pages and choose the right colors that are neither dull nor too loud.

Easy Registration Form

Make sure that the registration link is on the landing page itself. The registration form should be simple, short and quick. Do not ask for particulars you would not need. A long form may be the cause of loss of customers.

Highlight Exclusive Deals

Always highlight special deals and make your customers feel treasured. This act can go a long way in boosting the conversion rate of your landing pages.